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Does this script require me to create a Facebook App in in my Facebook Profile?

Currently, there is no need for a Facebook App. Due to recent changes from Facebook, requiring “Access Tokens” even for “read-only” requests for public data, any future updates to the script might require you to create a Facebook App first, before the script can pull your album information.

Will this script work for my Facebook business or organization or fan page?

Yes. The script will work only for Facebook pages that are registered for a business, organization, or pages that are setup as fan pages.

Will this script work with my personal / individual Facebook page?

No. Unfortunately, Facebook Javascript API does not allow to pull data from individual / personal Facebook Pages.

Can I exclude albums or predefine the albums I want to show?

Yes. The script is flexible enough to provide you with several options. You can pull all existing albums from your Facebook page, but exclude the ones you do not want by providing the ID’s of the albums to be excluded when you initialize the script.

Or, you can predefine the albums that you want to show by providing their respective ID’s when you call the script. All albums not matching these ID’s will be ignored.

Lastly, you can initialize the script in single-mode, where the contents of one specific album will be shown right away.

Can I exclude individual images within an album, while showing all other images in that album?

Yes, you can exclude individual images by providing their respective image ID’s when you initialize the script.

Will this script work with Internet Explorer 8.0?

The script works correctly on my Windows XP test computer with IE8. That is not to say that some other computer setups using IE8 might not have problems. While I did my best to ensure compatibility with all browsers, IE8 is particularly challenging, so I can’t give a 100% guaranty on full functionality with such an old and outdated browser. But in general, the script should work.

Does the script require a PHP server to work?

Currently, the script in its default settings does not require a PHP server. The only time you need a PHP server is when you change the script settings from using an external image scaling service to an internal scaling script, which requires PHP. Due to recent changes from Facebook, requiring “Access Tokens” even for “read-only” requests for public data, any future updates to the script might require a PHP server for appropriate authentication / login in order to retrieve or renew said “Access Tokens”.

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