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Hi Tekanewa,

The Album cover images aren’t loading. Can you help me in resolving this ?


Regards, Arj


please download the most current version from CodeCanyon, which already includes the required fix, and update accordingly.

Also note that the latest version has some additional changes, requiring you to load an additional CSS due to the switch to a dedicated icon font for all the icons (instead of images).

Please refer to the official manual for more information.


I’m try to get the albums to display with no pagination, but i get the following:

all I want to do is show all the albums on 1 page and then I can exclude the ones I don’t want.

Page 1 of 31 (Showing Albums 1 to 8 out of 242)

This is how I have it set responsiveGallery: true, responsiveWidth: 90, forceMobileView: true, maxNumberGalleries: 0, maxNumberImages: 0, cacheAlbumContents: true, paginationLayoutAlbums: false, infiniteScrollAlbums: false, paginationLayoutPhotos: false, infiniteScrollPhotos: false, showTopPaginationBar: false, showBottomPaginationBar: false, showThumbInfoInPageBar: false, albumDateCreate: false,

here is the link http://fineartphoto.com/fb_gallery2/fb_gallery2.html


we provide a generator, that will create the right code for you:


In your case, you are forcing the mobile view (forceMobileView: true), which is only available in pagination. Otherwise, you will create a very tall gallery (depending on the number of albums and images per album), which will force your user to do an endless scrolling. For that reason, the mobile mode is always using a pagination, so that scrolling is kept at a minimum.

When you set the “forceMobileView” back to false, the gallery should not be using pagination on desktop devices anymore, but only on mobile devices.


Hello script is great thank you but I 2 questions

1- can I get rid of the photo description in the lightbox? 2- Iframe mode i want to get rid of the scroll bar so I gave the iframe a height, but the lightbox picture is way down on the page and you don’t know it is there? is there a way of bringing it up?

thank you

The only way to remove the photo description in the lightbox is by using some custom CSS, which depends upon the lightbox type you are using. For the standard FancyBox lightbox, this should do the trick:

.fancybox-title .lightBoxInfo {
    display: none !important;

As for using the gallery in an iFrame … that is a very tricky endevaour and requires you to also load the lightbox files on the page that holds the iFrame, so the lightbox inside the iFrame can attempt to communicate with the page that holds the iFrame.

Due to possible browser/server restrictions, that does not work, so it is advised to embed the gallery directly into the page, instead of using an iFrame approach.


Hello. It also works with multi-user? .. I would like to integrate a CMS and use only one token for all users.

Wondering if the TOKEN Facebook can be used by multiple users (Multi-User ID) Enclose picture as example http://s23.postimg.org/6h6o4t9d7/Untitled_2.png

As stated, the token is tied to a specific account on Facebook, not to any user account in your CMS. Therefore, the same token can be used by multiple users in your CMS, but it will still and always be connected to the same account on Facebook.


Hey, I have tried using the new Access token but keep getting stuck at loading on 3%.. any pointers ?


please open a ticket in the support forum and provide a link to a page that holds the gallery. You might also want to check the browser console (F12) for any relevant error messages.


Author’s Note:
As announced in my support forum for the last couple of weeks already, please note that due to a medical leave for “Tekanewa Scripts”, support will be at best severely limited or not available at all during the time from 05/09/2016 – 05/29/2016. Full support is scheduled to resume on 05/30/2016. For more information, visit here.

I apologize for the inconvenience but am hopeful that you will be understanding.

Thank you!

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Hi, when i click “Next Page” button, all photos disappear? please check this link: http://www.pshafc.com/test

ok, it’s work now :)