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Hi, toelli nice one great job ;) Does this also work with bootstap panels?

Hello! Yes it should work with anything aslong as equalHeight.min.js is loaded under bootstrap inside <head></head> in the html source. Here is an example showing it works with panels:

Very usefull 5star ;)

nice work!! :) GLWS

Thank you very much!

creative work! GLWS

Thank you very much!

Great work! Congrats! :)

Thanks! You might also like my other plugin:

ive used a variety of techniques to organise / fix height issues on my sites. by far the nicest easiest method with this plugin. definitely a keeper. good job

Thank you very much! If you liked this you might also like my other plugin:

Hello, can i ask a pre-sale question please?

I can see that depending content it can go out from container when resizing screen, and need a refresh to apply the good height.

Is there a solution to resize it without refresh it ?

Thank you for your response

In the demo version i have removed the responsive support because i don’t want the full version of my script to be in the source so people can steal it, in the version you buy you can resize the window and the equalHeight will recalculate and it will work perfectly without having to reload the page.

Hope this answers your question, if you decide to buy equalHeight please leave feedback and rate it after you try it out. If you like this kind of plugin you might also like my other jquery plugin, check it out on my portfolio. Have a nice day!

It works perfectly and very easy to use, thank yuo very much!

Would this work with ONE long column rather than rows?

Hello again fsoda! I now see what you mean and the problem is caused because in the latest update i change equalHeight to run on window.load instead of document.ready .. and my example attempts to equalize it on document.ready on line 14 in your example, and since the script itself is not done loading it cant equalize. if you change ”$(document).ready(function() {” to ”$(window).load(function() {” it should work … using inline data-eqHeight=”group” should work as expected tho. I will update my documentation and example files regarding this, i will also attempt to make a fix release asap so it does not matter if you start equalize using document.ready or not. Thank you for finding this, and also please remove your link to your example (it contains a working version of equalHeight people can steal)

I have now submitted a patched version that should be out after its done being reviewd by codecanyon. This version solves the problem you encountered.

thanks, that did the trick and I have requested the link be removed and I have deleted the online files.

Hello, I tried here in a simple html page and could not make it work. The code I used was:

<head> <script src="url-to-equalHeight.min.js"></script> <script src="url-to-jquery.min.js"></script> <style type="text/css"> .cupons {background:#999;} </style> <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function() { $(".cupons").equalHeight({ perRow: 3 }); }); </script> </head> Where i created 3 divs in the row with this class, .cupons and nothing happened.

Am I doing something wrong?

I thank the support.

Thanks, my bad, everything works now.

Excellent! If you like equalHeight please feel free to help me by rating the product! Thank you!

Rating now, thanks a lot man!

Hi is it possible to use it when one div is 75% and other 35% of whole page and with 1% margin between them ? ... in the bigger will be slider and in smaller one logo and text.

It is prepurchase question.


Sorry for late reply. The height of both divs will always be as high as the highest div. However if the divs have different margins this will affect the actual final height/size of them individually.

hi, im interested with this, will this work with shopify? thanks

hi, i just made a purchase, i need help on how to install it on my shopify store..let me know how much..thanks

Hello kigc, i’m sorry for late reply. did you figure out how to install it or do you want me to help you now? (free of charge)