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Interesting product!

You should possibly try providing external buttons, i.e. – Toggle Button, Volume and Progress bar? Just a suggestion.

Nevertheless, I’ll be keeping an eye on the project! Good luck.

Thank you!

I will update the product and add some new feature in the near future.

Could you please, give the possibility to launch local video with embedded player ?

I’ll be keeping an eye on the project too…

This isn’t a main feature for this plugin, but i’ll try to add it. Thx! Don’t forget to rate!

hey dude ! Iam got this error “Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL http://localhost:85/mysite/ from frame with URL Domains, protocols and ports must match.”

how can I fix it. thanks


I am about to buy this code but I have one doubt. Does this auto generate a preview thumbnail when you upload a video?



I would like to embed RTMP Url Live stream URLS from say like into my members profile in buddy press profile. Basically placing insert an area where they can place RTMP video’s in their profiles. i know nothing of php and code if I bought this script could you help me implement it?

Example –

Also embed HTML5 marked <video> Image preview?

How to set height for more than 300px?

Hello. Is there a way to get this player to work like Envato’s new preview video feature. Notice how when the thumbnail is hovered the video is played. When we hover off the thumbnail and video resets:

Thank you. :)