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Do I need to add images directly to the html page or to write any html code?

No, you can set them through the configuration page!
You just need to add some script lines already provided in the Manual, no need to write any new html code.

Do my site’s users have necessarily to drag an image in order to slide the plugin?

No, you can display two arrows that perform sliding on click (1st screenshot)!
Enable them with a simple setting in the configuration page.

Can I disable the zooming behaviour and use a thumbnail as a link to another page or file?

Yes, simply provide a redirect link for the image in the configuration page!
Place it in the 3rd column of the “SET YOUR IMAGES ” box.

Why is the plugin not working on Chrome, IE and Safari out-of-the-box?

Webkit and IE browsers does not run Expose locally becouse of the plugin’s behaviour; the mentioned browsers consider it as not safe to be rendered on a local machine. Please, upload it on a Website, following the included manual steps, and try testing it again!

If you really need to run it on local machine, launch Chrome with the —disable-web-security option or place the plugin files in a local Web Service directory.

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