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Nice, Bookmarked :)

The PDF demo does not work in Chrome (latest version) Cannot scroll the document.

ok, there is this issue because you use Chrome PDF Viewer plugin and there is a problem of z-index with it. now i fix this problem and fix drag on close button (drag on this element is removed) for increased usability.

just the time of the review by codecanyon and after you can download it .

thanks, and sorry for my english :-)

now it works fine ;-)

Nice product, but not working in ipad safari. Please advice.

Regards, John. A

it isn’t a mobile plugin, i will work for this with jquery mobile.

Very nice. Is possible the window to be also closed by clicking outside the modal box?

10x, yes you can close modal cliking outside it. you can do this in different way, but to not modify code of plugin you can do in this simple way: on dom load put this code e.g.:
 $(function(){ //open dom-onload
}); // close dom on-load


Hi, I want to put this code function confirmDelete(){ var agree=confirm(“Are you sure you want to delete this page? Press CANCEL for NO and OK for YES ”); if (agree){ return true ; } else }/

return false ;

Into your code:

$(’.alert_confirm’).click(function(){ $.dialogize({ type:’confirm’,/ IMPORTANT */ img_dial:’\\’, content:’ Hi, do you want confirm? ’, confirm:function(){ alert(‘you have click on YES ’) } }); });

I’m new to scripting and have no idea how to do this.

Thank you Allan

     content:'Are you sure you want to delete this page?',
      return true;

Thanks for that :)

;-) no problem

Hi, is there any documentation od video tutorial? I have problems to run the script. I want run “confirm alert”.

Thank you.

no video tutorial there is, but there is documentation.
it’s very easy to use.
i don’t understand what kind of problem you have.
explain me better please

Hi, what must I do to “CONFIRM ALERT ” to insert into my website?

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery-1.7.1.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery-Dialogize.js"></script> $('.alert_confirm').click(function(){ $.dialogize({ type:'confirm',/* IMPORTANT */ img_dial:'<img src="img/questionmark.png" alt="" />', content:'<div style="text-align:center">Hi, do you want confirm?</div>', confirm:function(){ alert('you have click on YES') } }); });


<button class="myButton read_html">CONFIRM ALERT</button>

Is that correct? What do I need to have more?

Thank you :)

it’s correct, what’s the problem?

the button stay in a form?


If the button is in the form, it does not work. Please Help me.

ples can you give me a link where i can see the plugin in action?


This is the link:

Thank you :)

in your site there are many js error:

and so on….
please correct these error and then use my script.

Can I use this to have visitors to my site select their state, and then be taken to a specific page based on their selection?

Hi there,

I have used the read_html version and the img versions of the pop-up but when I open the dialogs on an iPad or iPhone, it messes up the borders / whole window?



probably it’s your theme’s fault.
i tested on android and it works good but your theme not stay into browser’s window without my plugin too.


can i add cookies (after X do not show again until session closed) on this dialogs and if yes could you give me an example?

you have to play around js code. for example you can set a specific cookie after opoup closed:

       $.cookie("test", true);
NOTE: with this code you need jQuery-Cookie plugin, you can find it here:

Hi, thanks for the quick reply. Is there a way to auto open a dialog?

yes, write the code in my example adding your option for plugin and it will start on load for example:

 $(function(){ // jQuery onload
         $.cookie("test", true);


everything works perfectly, with one error: info opens three boxes at once,

how to exclude this error ?, want to open normal info in one box,


Hi. Sorry for delay. I not stay at Office. I will be back 25th and i’ll solve the problem

Hello i have automatic plugin It push the images from my website to socail media pages But it pass some images and post contente to facebook without images is your plugin can automaticllay resize the puplished images and Quranty it will not pass and it will puplish on Facebook?


sorry but this plugin has not this type of feature