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I’m looking at the live preview page with IE8 and it gives me an error message : Stack overflow at line : 1

I bought it, downloaded it, and did a test with only one example, but I’m getting the same error message. (yes, I deleted all my cookies and history) I’m not getting it with IE9 , Safari, Firefox, ... I haven’t tested it with IE7

Any idea on how to solve this problem?

Hi Kris, first of all thanks for your purchase and for the report. Is this error you are getting with the actual IE8 or IE9 on IE8 mode? You can e-mail me the answer through my profile contact form. Thanks again.

Hi, its possible to change the animation of the text that come from down to up? We want a text with link come from the top of the image at the star and ending down..

Change: enter: ‘bottom’, leave: ‘bottom’,

To: enter: ‘top’, leave: ‘bottom’,

Hi, I’m having the same error message as __kris: Stack overflow at line : 1. I’m using an actual IE 8 . Did you get to solve this problem?


BTW , The error also occurs on the demo.html file. It works well on other browsers but IE8 .


Hi bebekdekil, We are aware of that bug and working on fixing it. Could you send us a message through our profile page so we can e-mail you the updated file once we have it. Regards

Love the script and have had very few problems. I’m using it in a wordpress site currently and am having a weird issue in Safari. Address is rejuvenexmedical.com/rodriguezrejuvenation/ – hover over the 4 black and white images to see the effect. In Safari it often doesn’t work and shifts the background images a couple hundred pixels down the page. Sometimes it works fine.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi bdeloach, Could you please send me an e-mail using my contact form (in my profile) so we can be in touch easier via e-mail ? I loaded your site on safari and i don’t see any kind of error, so it might be of help if we can talk about it.

Kind regards


Can’t seem to get this to work on Wordpress 3.2.

I’m guessing it’s because it conflicts with other Jquery sources?

Anyway, if you are able to get it to work on a wordpress 3.2 installation, please let me know how you did it?

Thanks mate.

Hello, sorry for the delay (2 months, wow) but i was out of my country doing an externship and didn’t have much time to reply e-mails and questions.

Do you still need with this? Send me a message through my profile page so we can discuss it via e-mail.



Did you find a solution for the IE8 problem?

Hi, I love the code. Great work. The only problem I have is it not playing well with other jquery plugins. Have you had any problems like this in the past. Also I’m not even sure if this is the place I should even ask that question ha? sorry.

Hello, sorry for the delay but i was out of my country doing an externship and didn’t have much time to reply e-mails and questions.

You can contact me using my profile page (on the right hand, there is a contact form). Make sure to send me the URL of the page where the script is not working so i can check the code.

Thanks B

I just bought this library, and am having some trouble. It looks like fhover takes the $ variable for itself, so other scripts that try to use $ for jQuery later end up failing.

I find it strange that you’d publish a jQuery plugin that chokes when it’s used with other jQuery plugins. Is there something I’m missing here?

Hi Jovnass,. the script uses jQuery, not $. The initialization code in the demo page does use $ just because for demo purposes, most people use the $ shortcut… you can just replace that $ for jQuery yourself if your site is on noConflict.

btw, if you need help using the script you can just email me using the form on my profile.

Where can I get the file of the layered cards shown on your main image?



i have a page with 20 images, and when the mouse hovers on one of them, the image should change (possibly with cool and smooth effects) with another one specified, for example, in the rel attribute. Also, a semi-transparent box with text should come up with a caption.

On mouseout, the caption disapperas, and the image comes back to the original.

Can i do this with this script?

Hi,. this is exactly what this plugin is for.

hello can i hover from one image to another which comes from bottom? thx

Yes you can. Just create a layer with a new image.

great thanks it works http://suppan.homelinux.com/hoverbutton/

would it be possible to fade out the first picture (button) when enter with mouse and fade in the first picture again when i leave with mouse?

but i think so it also looks nice

thx a lot peter

The link is not working

Can there be several ‘hotspots’ on an image that will show different overlays?

Hi johnguk, Sorry, that is not possible with this plugin.

Hi, Looking to make a purchase, but before I do, I wanted to make sure of something first.

I am developing websites using Bootstrap 3 and Font Awesome. Do you know if there would be any confilcts between the js files…?


Enlarge an image by moving the mouse over as in the example here http://www.bingoo.be/Petites-annonces-11-Region-Bruxelloise.htm Zoom a picture in the search result as the site

thank you

Hello, We are waiting for an answer? Thank you