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Hi, okay, that’s great thanks.

And if I remove the image ‘C’ , how would I make the main window appear straight away? (without being able to click the Big C graphic)

Many thanks!

R, Mark

By default it will show the window, once it’s been viewed once it then defaults to staying closed initially unless clicked.

Hi, yes, I have deleted the Big C graphic, but the main popup window does not popup? Can I email you directly with the link please?

Many thanks Mark

Sure, send it to info[at]avacari.com.

Nice easy to to install script with both a Java script and wordpress plugin, took less than 3 minutes to install and modify both. Good work and thanks for the scripts will be back to purchase again or get the extended licences. Given 5 stars.

Thank you very much :)

Hi does it only come up once or everytime you go to the site?

There is a setting to define when you want it to appear.

Great plugin. I’m using bottom type and I would like to ask how to make the Cookie Compliancy window to disappear(fade in) after X seconds, so only the smalll “C” icon is left.

Just downloaded this script. Works perfectly and really really easy to implement. Takes longer to make a cup of tea!! Many thanks.

I cant get it working on my html5 website. When i install like in the documentation, my whole website banners get messed up.

Hi, would this work with the Journal 2 Theme on opencart? thanks

Hi, i have on my site js/jquery/1.7.1/jquery.min.js works this this version or must i link 1.7.2

Thank you

Hi, I purchased the pluging and will not let me install it. I upload the compressed pluging from wordpress and tells me the following: Decompressing …

Installing the plugin …

Could not decompress the packet. No plugins were found.

Failure to install the plugin.

I tried this other option and I do not see the plugin


By mistake I bought two very similar pluging and the other if I’m able to install (cookie-compliancy-for-wordpress)

One question please: does this plugin block cookies until the user clicks on “OK” or on any link on the page? Thank you.

would this work on an Adobe Muse Website?

Hi. I have a problem. The new European Law requires to block scripts and cookies until the client does not accept the conditions. Would it be possible to do that? How?