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nice plugin … can you show an example of selecting a colour, & it inserting that value into a text/form field? If you can do that, ill purchase.

Like so:
onSelect : function(ui, color){ $(“input[type=’text’]”).val(color); }

super! aaaannnnd … buying

Thanks for anything. You are my very first BUYER.

i need to know something: can you send the input from the color picker with #ff0000 to 0xff0000 into a php post? please tell me if this could be possible. Bye!

You can replace in onSelect method before insert HEX into input text. # to 0x Do you use to Flash soft?

Like so: onSelect : function( ui , color ){ $( “input[type=’text’]” ).val( color.replace( ”#” , “0x” ) ); }

Hi, I love this colour picker! I have an eccommerce store which uses Wordpress & WooCommerce. I’m not sure if you are familiar with Gravity Forms – I’m using an extension to allow my customers to select and enter (customise) the product details using a form. I’d love to be able to use this picker so they can select or enter a custom colour for the product. The Gravity Form enables dynamic population of the form fields (from a link or session variable etc). Do you think it would be possible to populate my form using the colour picker? If you have no idea about this don’t worry about it : ) Cheers.

Did you see inserting a custom color? Sorry. I didn’t understand completely. Can show an example through some code?

nice plugin

Hi there, Im wanting to add this colorpicker as an option to a CMS system, to allow the management or font, page & hover colours.

My issue is that I need 3 instances of this colour picker, & each one needs to have a textbox … can you supply me an example on this?

Sorry. I have seen and reply.

<input type=”text” class=”colorPicker” name=”bgColor” id=”bgColor”> <input type=”text” class=”colorPicker” name=”textColor” id=”textColor”> <input type=”text” class=”colorPicker” name=”hoverColor” id=”hoverColor”>

<script> $(function(){ $(”.colorPicker”).colorPicker({ insertCode: 0, onSelect: function(ui, c){ ui.css(“background”, c).val©; } }); }); </script>

© = ( c )

Do you have Extended License for color picker? Where End Product may be Sold.

Yes. I do. You can purchase an Extended License.

Hi, I recently bought your product, in one example says “other element” and change the background color, these other element can be a figure or image? if possible as it is called that element?, I hope me know = D, I use flash for this cases but isn’t compatible with ios


Just bought this.

I am having alignment issues.

The color dialog show up at the bottom left of the screen.

The browser is IE11

Hi. I have tested on IE11 right now. It is working correctly. Maybe it is due to containing tags.


I didn’t realize that I needed the Css file as well.

It works now.

Hi, how can i display color item title color name instead of HEX code ?

Very nice. Is it possible with this plugin to have the option if a specific color is chosen setting an href to link the user to any portion of a website?

Great plugin – well done.

Here is a colors.json file for the best HTML colors which you may find useful.

It has 49 colors so it is great for a 7×7 grid.


Good afternoon. I have purchased your plugin. Very nice. I have two issues.

I have to bind dinamically the click event with on() method since the buttons are createdin a dataTable froma a database.

1) the colorPicker duplicates divs every time I click on the same button. 2) The first time I click the cp does not appear. it appers from the second time I click.

Can you help? This is the code I used:

<script type=”text/javascript”>

$(document).ready(function() {
    $('#sections').DataTable( {
        "language": {
            "lengthMenu": "Display MENU records per page",
            "zeroRecords": "Nothing found - sorry",
               "info": "Showing page PAGE of PAGES",
            "infoEmpty": "No records available",
            "infoFiltered": "(filtered from MAX total records)" 
        "bProcessing": true,
        "bServerSide": true,
        "sAjaxSource": "server_processes/manage_sections.php",
        "aLengthMenu": [[5, 10, 25], [5, 10, 25]],
        "pageLength": 5,
        "aoColumns" : [   
            { "visible": false, "searchable": false, "orderable": false, sClass: "alignCenter" },   
            { sClass: "alignLeft" },
            { "searchable": false, "orderable": false, sClass: "alignRight" }  
/* Generates colored buttons to select Section color */
    "columnDefs": [ {
        "targets": -1,
        "data": null,
        "render": function ( data, type, full ) {
              return '<button class="btn btn-default" id="cp-' + data[0] + '" style="background-color:#' + data[2] +'"> Change</button>';
    } ]
} );
$("#sections").on('click', 'button', function(event) {
    onSelect: function( ui, c ){
        ui.css('background', c);
} );


<?php include(‘_header.php’); ?>

<!- Include Menu -> <?php include(‘_menu.php’); ?>



<thead> </thead>


Can the plugin works with wordpress? I would like to create a page and use a png picture for the background changing effects and let visitor choose what color to put in the transparent side of the png

Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale