jQuery Color Picker

jQuery Color Picker

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This minimal plugin allows you to easily and simple to display a color picker on your website. You can easily just copy and paste the one liner code, or get into some more of the detailed configuration.

Features include:

  • Replace all colors by your own favorite color
  • Custom colors append to Colors list
  • Insert HEX color code directly
  • Customizing to use data-* attributes
  • External JSON supported
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Mobile friendly
  • Picker window Alignment

Version 2.0 – October 10th, 2014 / Almost fully Updated

- Added: Fullscreen mode
- Added: Esc to close in Fullscreen mode
- Added: Picker window Alignment
- Added: Supported on mobile device
- Added: Color format settings
- Added: Item size settings (width, height)
- Added: Close button
- Improved: data-* attribute settings. ( All features supported data-* settings )

Version 1.2.1 – February 26th, 2014

- Fixed: Positioning bug
- Updated: Improved css
- Added: rowItem new option. It means to how many colors in a row.

Version 1.2 – February 22nd, 2014

- Added: External JSON color list supported

Version 1.1 – January 22nd, 2014

- Fixed: Absolute positioning