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Exactly what i need. But i need the wordpress woocommerce version, since i used to calculate nutrition of my meal that sells with woocommerce.

Bummer, so close yet not quite right. We plan on making a WordPress plugin for future versions, but I can’t promise a woocommerce version sorry. I’ll let you know if we get more requests and the plan changes.

Let me know if you plan on that!

How long before you will have the WP version of this plugin? Need it like…yesterday! LOL

25 decimal points yikes. Can you send me a link so I can take a look?

Yep – sending via PM

With out looking I betting its in jQueryBuildAMeal/templates/ingredientModalContent.ejs

add to .toFixed(2) to line 9 so it looks like <td class="buildAMeal__nutrition-value"><%=value.toFixed(2)%></td>

Is the data included on the package? or the data on the demo is fake one?

All the data you see is included in a demo that comes with the plugin. Some of it is accurate (actual numbers for real food) and some is fictional. Its included as a convenience and only for demo purposes to show users how to format there html markup to work with the plugin.

When is the wordpress plugin ready and there is an admin to view because I wonder how to add products to the calculator and you can start using this in any wordpress theme

Sorry for the delay, we found a few bugs that also need fixing. We are still working them out. Thanks for your patience.


Sorry Sanne things turned out to be more complicated that we thought. We han’t stopped developing but it maybe a few more weeks. I promise when it’s done you will be the first to know.

I agree with Sanne, you would get way more sales if it was available as a word-press plugin. The reason you are not getting many inquires is because once someone sees is not available as word press plugin they move on to the next available plugin. I would also buy the wordpress plugin if available. $12-$17 would be a good price point.

Great, check back next month hopefully we will have a wordpress plugin for you

I would definitely be interested in the WP plugin for this.

for wordpress a friend is using this script along with iframe pluging for wordpress that is free

cool, whats the wordpress plugin they are using.

IFRAME plugin is not interesting is that you can fill out and save all nutrition data in wordpress so you don’t ever need to supplement the file if you would like to submit a new product

Did you get your problem fixed?

img fixed but decimal points not fixed eiwitten gram: 88.99999999999999 kcal eiwit: 355.99999999999994 koolhydraten gram: 191.70000000000002 kcal koolhydraten: 761.6 vet gram: 99.10000000000001 verzadigd vet gram: 56.5 kcal vet: 891.9000000000001 vezels gram: 19.9 suiker gram: 57.400000000000006

can you send me a link to where the problem is occurring and ill try and debug

Are you developing wordpress woocommerce version or could you give mi price for jQuery Nutrition Calculator Plugin to a wordpress woocommerce plugin just for me. I need for my next project on the line. Waiting your price assap.

Just wondering, when you will be ready?

I can’t say for certain it has been in development for some time. But we ran into problems making the nutrition attributes dynamic. If you are in a hurry I would suggest the jQuery plugin.

Hello there, we’re intrested in the Jquery plugin… Is it possible to insert the QUANTITY of the food (for example, 50g of brown rice, 180g of beef meat)?


Yes, you can add it to the title

Hello there, we’re intrested in the Jquery plugin… Is it possible to insert the QUANTITY of the food (for example, 50g of brown rice, 180g of beef meat)?


Yes you can add it to the title and there is a quantity field. You will need to adjust the nutrition values though.

Hi, it’s blank (?) I put magnific-popup.css & magnific-popup.min.js.

Ok, great gald you figure it out.

Hi, I need showed total Kg (2kg for example) no total calories (2,450kg for example) How hide decimals?

I’m not sure which total you are refereing to. But all the html generated in the plugin is located in .ejs template files in the /templates/ folder. Maybe look in the mealModalContent.ejs. Can you send me a screen shot of what your are trying to change?

Hi, do you have any intention of making an opencart version of this? Thanks

No, sorry no plans to do so.

i want to use this jQuery Build A Meal – Nutrition Calculator Plugin in joomla is it possible?????

If you can add a jquery plugin to joomla then it should be possible.