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The date is wrong. It’s one month behind. Please fix.

I’ll check and fix. Thx!


I just got this. How do I pass this XML. It’s not producing any messages. The URL has query string. I like to integrate this in a financial website. The stock ticker will change.

Also an option to open the link in the same window or new window. Would be nice if it’s an another parameter… so the we can pass _blank or parent that. As link mostly take the user to an external window can be a default too…

Yeah, new features will come soon!

Great..! Good work..! Let’s make it great..!

Any luck checking into it?

yeah, i checked. it seems to be a problem with that url. i’ll fix very soon. stay tuned. thx for the feedback.

I’m having a format issue with the date and time.

My feed shows this: Friday, April 26, 2013 9:12 AM

This script changes it to: 04/26/2013 00:12

How can I get your script to look like the actual feed? The URL I’m basing it on is:


I just bought the widget and have a question: is there a possibility to set the number of feeds which should be displayed?

Thx for your Feedback


Seconding patrizius76 – I only seem to get 4 items displayed by default, but would like to know how to control the number of items displayed.

Hi there! I am interested in your widget but I need to display images that are wrapped within enclosure tags in my RSS feed. Does this script show those? Thanks

How much customization available? - Full CSS styling? - # of items displayed? - link url and fallback urls?


how can i show more than 4 items

yes please how can i show more than 4 items or less. Please thanks

Guys any idea?

Bought it before reading comments … apparently author doesn’t know how, or the script cannot, control the # of feeds…lots of people have asked, and now myself included.

Would love to know if this can be done.

Well – author is not responding about controlling the # of feeds. A quick-n-dirty attempt from me :)

      if(i == 3){
          return false;

3 = # of feeds

Has this stopped working for anyone else?

So I think the Google feed API has been discontinued. This was nice while it lasted.

Very impressive. Good luck!

Cannot get the script to work? Any luck from anyone?


I have bought the feed extension and try to run it on my website. I have placed my feed source –

but this doesn’t seem to be working.

Can u help,