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How do you embed more than 1 rotator on the same page?

First, you will have to repeat the same sets of tags for each rotator you want on the page.

Then, in the $(document).ready part of your page, you will have to make a call for each of the rotator.

For example, if you have 2 rotators, one surrounded by a div tag with class name “container1” and the second with class name “container2”.

In the $(document).ready part, you will have to make 2 calls like this:

$(”.container1”).wtRotator(); $(”.container2”).wtRotator();

Is this file available in extended license?

No, currently only single license is available for this file.

Can the rotator support lightbox?

Currently, to use most lightbox for this file, you will have to set the transition to either horizontal or vertical slide transition.

I am working on compatibility with the other transitions, stay tune for a future update.

How do you set an individual timer delay for each banner.

To set a different delay value for each banner, you will have to add an attribute named delay to the individual LI tag and set a numeric value to the attribue.

For example:

<li delay="1000"><!-- rest of html inside --></li>

Is there a WordPress version of this file?

Yes, you can find the WordPress Plugin version here.

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