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Hello i need your help , when i put the slideshow i want to take out the numbers under the slideshow http://evangjosenegron.com/slideshow.html

In IE 11, and so far only ie11, when the thumbnails are numerous enough to require a second “set”, they do not switch to the second set even though the slideshow itself is showing images from the 2nd set.

Further, again only in IE11, I can only have thumbs covering about 40% of the open horizontal area. I using:

cpanelPosition:’center bottom’, cpanelOutside:’outside’,

Interestingly, if I use, instead, left bottom, then the number of thumbs I can show basically doubles and goes the full width of the slide show.

It almost feels like when ‘center bottom’ is used, there is a mystery amount of padding on either side of the thumbset that left and right add up to about 50-60%.

In other tested browsers, I am not seeing any such behaivior.

As much as I’d like to say forget about IE 11, I can’t. Can you please help me?

And if anyone has an example of IE11 handling many thumbs… say 10 or more, I’d be just as happy with that.



I am using this slider for a client, and cannot get the control panel/buttons to hide. I’ve used the cpanelOnHover:true, as well as hideControl:true,and various other combinations of the navButtons options. And it keeps showing up. What can I do to fix this?

The slider is hosted here: http://slider.earnestmarketing.com/index1.html. In that instance the buttons are hidden unless I mouse over the photo, which is great. But I need it to actually display on a web app so I’m using an iframe to embed. That seems to be where I’m running into trouble. Can you help? You can see the web app here: http://app.castleinthecountry.com/

Thank you.

The pauseonhover does not seem to work, even on the demo. Is this confirmed?

I see it’s related to my monitor being a touch monitor. Hmm, what to do.

I decide to remove just the “else” on line 1551, and now it does what I desire. Pause on hover and still takes the swipe on touch screens.

The ken burns effect doesn’t seem to work on Safari on the ipad/phone. Is this a known issue?

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This is really a comment for everyone else. The author is not supporting this product any more. I wish he was.

With the new Chrome Update (Version 45.0.2454.85), all images with a href do not appear, any idea how to fix it without going through all the css?

Hi. I see that there is a new update on 2015. You promised fullscreen slide show for this new update but I don’t see it in the new update. where could we find it?

It takes a lot time to download the slideshow in smartphones an tables. I am using small resolution pics however it is very slow.

Customer services? What is happening?

Hi, does this version support wordpress?

the navButtons setting doesn’t seem to do anything. I set navButtons:’none’, but they’re still there.

I was wrong. navButtons controls just the previous and next buttons in the control panel.

To remove the control panel entirely, I set

{navButtons:false, playButton:false, thumbnails:’none’}

How can I get rid of the pause button on the navigation here: https://www.unlocktheinbox.com/default/ – I’m currently using these settings

cpanelOutside: "true", cpanelPosition: "right bottom", buttonMargin: 5, effect: "random", playButton:"false", thumbnails: "bullet", navButtons: "none", pauseOnHover: "true", navButtonsOnHover:"false"

Hi guys, any way to contact you directly? (It’s not a support request :P) I am trying to get in touch for some time…

Kind regards, Kuba


flyan Purchased

how to apply type grid ?

I want to insert 720Х90 Html5 banners in your rotator – is it possible?