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“and what elements should activate each state”

You are showing all text links as activators. Looks useful but can I use a checkbox? I’d like to hide some shipping fields if a buyer clicks a “shipping is the same as billing address” checkbox.

If not, maybe a toggle graphic can be used.

Thanks for any info or ideas on this.


Right now, it is not possible for one single element, like a checkbox, to activate different states based on whether it’s checked or not.

For that, you’ll need two different triggers – one that shows the extra fields and one that hides them (both triggers don’t have to be visible at the same time).

I’ll see what can do about doing it the “checkbox way”. It might come in an update.

This works for me like a charm. My appreciation for a job well done.

Thank you, I’m glad to hear that!


First of all, I’d just like to let you know that I love this. It is at the core of my site.

I’m wondering if there is a way to make a trigger hide and show a section by clicking the same link twice (kind of like the checkbox thing you were talking about.)

Perhaps a line of code that gets what section is open and if it receives a command to open it, switches it to none?

Thank you! I look forward to this functionality!


Sorry for my late response, I’ve been away from my computer a couple of days.

It is a good idea, and will solve the checkbox problem as well. I’ll try to implement this functionality.

Nice that you have fount the plugin usable, and thanks for purchasing!

I really look forward to it! If it’s not too much trouble, would you mind letting me know when the update is out?

Thank you so much!

Hi again! I’m having trouble with a new issue that I’m sure there is a simple solution to!

I am trying to contain a series of iframes inside various collapsable zones and whenever I import them, everything is thrown off and the container won’t completely close. Is there some default: hidden thing I should be doing or is there another solution?

Thank you!


Can you please e-mail me (from my author page) a link to your webpage, so that I can see what’s wrong.

He Stocksjo,

This item looks great. Wanted to know if I can load ajax elements into DIV to get the same effects, or do all of the updating elements have to be available at original loading of the page?



Hi YogiFish!

The plugin has no built-in ajax loading when a trigger is clicked. However, the updating elements don’t have to be available at page load, so you can manually load content to your div before the animation (or at any time) – the animation will not break.



Thanks for this download, I was looking all over the web for something like this. I had a question though with the content changer. I’m using images as the triggers but i when I do it drops the #box below the #box-instructions while still being floated right. Do you know how I could fix this?

Any help is much appreciated! Thank you!


Sorry for my late response, I’ve been skiing in the mountains. :)

Can you email me a link to the files from my author page?


Is that possible to lower it to jquery 1.5?


I would like to add a class if the link is activated.


Do you think that it is possible?



Is it possible to trigger the function using the onmouseover event for an image?

Answered on mail.

Great Job! I love this. Question… I have a row of divs at width 25%, 150px H (defined in css) I want to expand a div to 50% and remove the last one. I want to swap the class of the outermost div. The would be within the div. How can i do this?

Hi, it doesn’t work with jquery-1.10.2.min.js. Can you help?

Hi, I’m using with a dropdown. Works fine in IE 11 but not in FF, Chrome, Safari.

in FF & Chrome, only the first and last items are displayed in the list. only the last (general inquiry which does not have additional fields) is selectable.

in safari the full list is displayed but the extra items don’t display.




I bought your script a few days ago… So far it is pretty cool, but I have 2 questions: 1.) I want an element to be shown, when the user fills out a certain form field. When he clicks in it, it works fine, but when he navigates with the “tab” kay, nothing happens. Is there a way to make 2 trigger – events? And which would be the right? onfocus?

2.) because checkboxes do not work, I made a “more” element on the exactly same position, as the default element (but with checked status). That works and the second more element (the one which should be shown appears). I also put the “checked” checkbox on trigger and data-activates on default – so theoretically it should change the status to default again, if I press a second time on it… but unfortunately it does not :-( So how can I make the defaults visible again?

thanks in advance for your answer!

I am interested in the Box switching feature. My goal is to have nothing show up until a link is clicked. Also if the link is clicked a second time the box assigned to is closed. Is this possible? Thank you :)