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Can this program handle 1000+ questions that average about 250 words and four possible answers averaging 30 words? (and, can it be easily ported to .mobe?

.mobe? What do you mean?


i can’t make this works.

how can I make this run on an app or local?


Please provide mir information. What do you mean with “app” and “local”? Can you drop me a link?

For example if i open the html local like this: file:///C:/xampp/htdocs/quiz/index.html it wont load the quiz

but if I run it on xampp lik this works: http://localhost:8080/quiz/index.html

but I need it to run on local not using any xampp or web server


It is a WEB application and uses AJAX as the title says. AJAX uses the POST and GET methods of the browser / http protocol. It is not possible to get this working woithout a web environemt.

Is it possible to get the following features as option in the XML file added: 1. Randomise the questions. 2. Randomly select x (eg 10) questions from y (eg 100) possible questions. 3. If multiple choice the selection options are randomly ordered. This students telling other students which letter/ number to pick for a specific questions. Thanks

Possible but you need some JS skills to change the code.

A pre-purchase question. can this plugin do something like this. www.brideprice.com.ng

Hi!. It is possible to store the result of the quiz in the table of a database?

You can try to save data via AJAX, but this is not implemented yet. With some Javascript and php skills you can accomplish that.

Hi!. It is possible to store the result of the quiz in the table of a database?

There is no persistance part in the software yet. You have to build your own AJAX / PHP / MySQL methods. Have a look into the javascript source files. Everything is commented and most things follows OOP


At the end of quiz, is it possible to have correction of each question ?

Thx fred

@oleolson: Are you willing to provide instructions to make this occur?


He, sorry for the late rsponse. I’m too busy in the moment….

hi i am interested in this plugin, but I would like to ask a question, I have a excel file as 5000 test questions, I can import csv?

Hi pre buy question. is it easy to add to my simple html5 site? i have no coding experience. thanks

is it possible to have the questions from database?

No, not in this version