JQuery Ajax SQuiz2 Exam Quiz Engine

JQuery Ajax SQuiz2 Exam Quiz Engine

SQuiz2 Exam is an extended version of SQuiz. Many features and settings are added in this complete improved version. This Quiz and Exam engines is build to produce and deliver quiz’s and exams with mutliple or single choice questions. You can add an image to every question. You can set a passing score and all users that pass the test can download their personal certificate.

  • Easy installation and integration
  • Multilingual ( all labels and texts can be changed in the backend)
  • Mutliple and single choice questions
  • Many styling options via css
  • Unlimited questions
  • Questions with images
  • Questions and settings are saved in XML files
  • Timer ( time limit optional )
  • Passing score free adjustable
  • Certification output

To create SQuiz2 xml files you can use the SQuizMaker2 online to build your personal exam.

Differences between SQuiz and SQuiz2:

  • Images allowed in / as questions
  • + Passing score setting
  • + Hide hints setting
  • Question counter
  • Certification output if user has reached the passing score
  • New to version 2.3

    • Drag and order questions
    • Enhanced review at the end of the quiz

    A similar quiz is available as Wordpress plugin: WP SQuiz2 JQuery Quiz Engine