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Great script, it looks great. I think would be nice to have some admin interface or at very least interface with results.

I have a few questions!

Any plans to have a user registration system to go with this? so can track which users scored the best?

Can I include or add Images on the questions?

Is it possible to include the SQuizMaker Onlne in the package? That every buyer have it in the package and not on a foreign server?

Is it possible to display a highscore page as well

Is that possible to show % on the progress bar? Like “50% completed”, depending on the total amount of questions?

Added Facebook sharing feature?


So many questions, uuuhh. I will answer tomorrow in detail.

1. Registration / highscore are good ideas. I will check the effort to do that 2. Images, yes, they are already on my todo list for the next update 3. The SQuizmaker can be easily included to the SQuiz, soon I will publish a link with a free download package. 4. Progress should be no problem, this also could be part of the next update.

Please send me an email via my profile page and I will add you to my mailing list so you will be notified if the update is only. Thanks fpr asking.

posting users score to facebook would be great :)

Great script, How to center the script in the page..?

How to add a link, when is finished the quiz, Example, when student finish the test, automatically appear a link to another test or part II…

sorry for the delay, today I will look for a solution…

Please send me a mail via contact page and I will you give a solution to accomplish that

Hello, I was wondering if it’s possible to incorporate audio/html into each individual question? Thank you.

No with this version, sorry.

The Script has no meaning without the admin. What happens if the website of admin is down. Not worthit

Don’t understand what u mean…

I’ve just bought this and it’s great, really quick and easy to use.

If its possible, I’d love two extra features to be included – I’d buy it again just to get them:

1. Make the feature of telling the user how many answers to select optional – sometimes it’s good not to tell the user how many answers are required. This would mean that the “Next” button would be always available after just one answer has been selected, even if 4 answers are required to give the correct answer.

2. Have a pass mark associated with the quiz, so if a user scores more than the pass mark, they get an option to print out a certificate which could contain their name and school/company – which could be requested just before the certificate is printed.

Adding these two features would make this the perfect quiz engine for my needs.

Thanks for all your work to date, I look forward to any updates.


I’m planning to make an major upgrade and this features maybe could implemented too. But you will have to wait a little bit. Btw. you can change this ‘Choose 2 correct answers’ message in the settings for a first step. Please send me a mail via my profile pyge, so I can add you to my mailing list to get notified on updates. Thanks a lot, Olaf

Demo link not working.

? Just tested it. Which one is not working?

Hi, is responsive? I can run on iPad in offline mode? Thank you!

Responsive Version is in development. Please send a mail (profile) and I will add you to the mailing list and you will be informed within a few days. Thanks.

I can see your demo working in Chrome, However the files that I downloaded after purchase do not work in Chrome or IE. In Chrome it stops showing the actual quiz portion, as if it doesn’t read the xml at all. In IE There is no styling, no xml it’s just a big old mess. Works great in Safari and Firefox. though. Any ideas?

Is your installation online so you can drop me a link? It’s a little bit surprising because all versions are tested in all browsers. Additionally please send me your quiz xml. Sometimes a corrupt xml works in firefox but not in other brwosers.

Pre Purchase question: Can I set the form into: 5 questions with a short text, then possible answers are “Yes”, “No”, I don’t know”, at least there’s a overview/summary with all the answers and then clients are able to send this form to us and a copy to the client??

Is it possible to integrate it into Wordpress??

Thanks a lot.

Hi, I purchased the ajax multi-choice squiz a week or ago. It works great, thanks very much. I have a need to customize it a little however.

I would like to add responsiveness, save the users result and convert the interface into Japanese.

Is it possible for me to recieve the source code, because at present I think I only have access to the minimised code.


Actually, I was able to customize it from the files that were included. The unminimized source was there already. Sorry for the alarm, and thanks for the awesome product.

can i add this quiz on blogger blog?