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Hi Marco, nice very nice, if you can make a responsive tab accordion with this, please let me know, i will be happy to buy.

Thank you

Hi there, is it possible to open a specific tab from a link outside of the accordion?

Best, Nico

I guess so. You can try: $ (”#your_link”).bind(“click”, function () { $(“specific_tab”).show(); });

how can I layer this, I need to expand 2-3 depths down? great piece of code, very smooth, thank you.


What happens if is necessary to show more than 3 images? If there a carrousel images or a new line of images will appear. Please specify.

Second question: If possbile to change the size of the image?

Thank you Jorge

You can put any content you want. The grid system was set to put up four blocks of content, but it is not mandatory to use the grid, you can put your content and define your own CSS code to organize them.

There is the class ‘accordion-item’, but in the css file ‘jquery-accordion’ that class is nowhere to be find. I also can’t add more then four in my accordion, why is that?

Please read the documentation to understand the HTML markup. Thanks.

I need a way to close the accordion when a user clicks off of it. Is this possible? For ex. when a user clicks outside of the accordion it closes.


Absolutely. Send me a private message. I’ll help you.

Hi Marco, It works well but I’m having a problem using it more than one time on a page, is it possible to do so or am I just missing something??

Thanks Paul

Don’t forget to rate dude :-)

Done that with pleasure….. where’s the 6th star?

Thank you :-)

I need a little help with some CSS. I am trying to duplicate the attached sample. I have the CSS for the sample, but haven’t had any luck duplicating.

I can email you the CSS file if needed.


Use this:
.accordion .accordion-item{
    margin: 0 0 5px;

thank you sir!

Hi friend, works?

I have a similar question to simplydata. How can I add sub-accordion menus? For example, if I have a State listed in the accordion as the top, then when I expand down, I want to list all the cities under the State and put the content related to the city in the City accordian.

See this example:


Thanks for the explanation. Is there an easier way to do this? There are currently 19355 cities in the United States so in the example above I would need to create 19355 accordions.

No easier way. This component is not appropriated to use with this amount of data and instances.

Ok…Thanks for the info. This is a great product for simple accordions and I will use it when I have easier data to manage. Thanks!!

Hi Marco, it works with jquery-1.10.2.? I have a menu that only works with 1.10.2.

Yes, works normally.

I’m interested in using this script to create a mobile site. However, when a previously clicked tab is open, and you click a new tab below, the previous tab shrinks. This causes a problem with keeping your same spot when on a small screen resolution.

Is it possible to make it so that previously clicked tabs don’t “suck up” when a new tab is clicked, and if so, is it in the documentation, or can you help someone that doesn’t know JS do this?


Do you want a behavior like a “toggle” element, right? Yes it’s possible, just commenting three lines of code. Thanks.

Hi there,

I was wondering if you could advise – when you install this plugin, are you able to access the features via widget? I’ve set up my current accordion menu via widget, which is why I’m curious if it works the same way. If not, how does it “work”? Thanks! :)

This is not a WP Plugin. Sorry.

I totally missed that! Embarrassing! Sorry!

Hello , I need to do what simplydata, expand 2-3 depths down, thank you.

Hello. Are you talking about nested accordions?

Very nice!

Which is the minimum jQuery version required?

How big are the CSS and JS files?

I am very interested in your product. But I need the accordion function only on small devices. I would need an additional script. jquery.js and accordion.js should only be loaded when the window width is less than 750 pixels. I am not able to write such a script. Can you write such a script and sell it on codecanyon?

Unfortunately not. A product requires coding, several tests and extensive documentation. I have no availability at this time. Sorry.

Hi! Can i add a YouTube embed code? To show videos. Thanks!!

Hello marcoarib, amazing code! thanks I would like to know how to modify the bars color. To be specific: I changed it in ”.colors{ background: #ff6600; }” ..but finally the orange in the bar didn’t change. How to do this? Thanks

Hello, can I get the answer please? I understand I should be supported ….

Hi. Sorry for the delayed response. I think are you using the demo as a reference to modify the colors. You need to modify the css file named “jquery.accordion.css”. The class “color” is only for demo purposes. It not affect the accordion. You are looking on the demo’s code, not the real code from accordion.

Oh yes thanks, I was not looking at this file – thank you! it works now :)

Can you let me know if its possible to keep tabs open until the header is clicked again? So all three tabs could technically remain open at the same time?

But all should start closed obviously.. :)