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Hi ! Can we link an random url anywhere on the page (but not into the accordion container) to open a specified slide ? Thanks


Yes, you can. Check the public api on the bottom of any index html page (openMedia call):


I am interested on this slider and i not sure how to work around. My site is developed by word press. So is this slider is kind of a plugin that i can directly install through plugin menu?

Thanks for your quick response. Yes please can you provide me the steps on how to do it? i know how to embed in iframe but i am not sure how to do with a slider? :) I need something similar to this website [link removed]

(i am using the same template)

Contact me through my profile page after you buy the file and I will give you more details.


Hi – sorry to ask something obvious but this has me stumped.

I’m using accordionGallery_horizontal_same_width.css

How can I make the container appear in the normal flow of a page rather than the exact middle? On small laptop screens the slideshow goes over the top of a logo at the top of the page, and I need a way to make it sit naturally on the page. I’ve tried altering the #componentWrapper but that just flies the slideshow to the top corner and no amount of recoding the left & top CSS seems to alter that?

Many thanks!


Please send me the link to your webpage over my profile page and I will have a look in more detail.


Thank you so much, just sent it to you!

Hello I have just purchased this item, but I can’t find any support files on how to install it on my webpage. I hope you can help. Many thanks.



When you unzip the download package, there are 3 folders inside, one if them is called ‘help’.

Inside are the help files, it cant be any simpler.


Thank you for your reply… all there is in the ‘help’ file is ‘help.html; which takes me to the codecanyon home page. :-(

help.html is a help file consisting of 11 chapters and it should be opened in browser.

You can contact me over my profile page if you need assistance.

Hello, thank you I have installed the relevant files on my server and added the HTM to the <head> and on my html page.

However even though all the files are there (inc. your sample images) all I see is the drop shadow and the loader gif.

url [link removed]

Many thnaks!!


Please send me a link to your webpage together with more details over my profile page contact form and I will have a look.


Hi! Really nice work :D I have one question, the size of the slides that are not displayed is very small, I like to know if there is a way to increase that size, so even if the slides are not shown are a little bit more visible?

I can modify the code on freelance basis.

and what are those basis? we can talk about that :D

You can always contact me here: http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact with more details and I can give you the quote.

Hi – I am interested in using the vertical option, but I want to make it 100% of the browser width, with responsive images. Is it possible to do this by modifications of the css?



Yes, you can achieve that with css modifications.

Hello Tean. I just downloaded and am very excited about using your accordion in my weebly website. Unfortunately, I am having troubles with copying all the code over. Weebly forces me to put all of the .css into one main file and all image files, javascript files etc. into one big single folder. After reorganizing all of your files and pasting things in/uploading things, I can’t get anything going. Any suggestions? Is what I have done detrimental to using your software. Perhaps, I have just made some silly goof with copying and pasting things? Is there something else I should be aware of when using Weebly? Any advice would be greatly appreciated and thanks!


No need to respond now (I think!) and please delete my post above. I just realized what to do. I went through all of the script and changed every file directory name to the right name for where I put each file in the weebly folders. Everything (almost everything I think?) seems to be working now! Yeah! Sorry for any bothers.



How can i make this responsive>



Its not responsive, you would need to change some css to make it so.

Hello. I am very interested in purchasing your product. It looks great in many respects!

However, I noticed one minor issue for the horizontal-samesize slider: when I mouse over the very right side or very left slide towards the bottom, the mouse pointer image changes from an actual pointer to a cursor line image. This happens not only in the slider I test-embedded in my webpage but also in your preview too.

Is there anyway to fix this glich? Please advise. Thanks!


What do you mean by in the slider I test-embedded in my webpage?

Hello too and thank you for the quick response! The changing mouse pointer issue is happening in my own site after embedding your code and files.

As well, I have noticed it happening at your own webpage: http://www.interactivepixel.net/ccAccordion2/index_horizontal_same_width.html

It is your example 1: the according slider with slides of the same width. Notice that when you move your mouse cursor down -the immediate right side of the entire slider, there is a spot fairly close to the bottom right corner where the mouse pointer image changes into another image that looks like a line cursor.

If you cannot see what I mean, perhaps I can attach two screen shots somehow to a future comment to you or if not to an email to you.

The problem could be something with we but I’ve also tried it on two different computers so it makes me think it is something to do with the coding. Thanks again for any help you can provide with this.


Yes, I can see that. That is because cursor is above text area. You can confirm that in console. This csn be changed if necessary.

Oh. That is great to know. I guess, I would have to shrink the width and height maxs for the text area so that it does not extend over to much towards the right side, right?

Thanks again for your help so far!

This could be handled on different ways, one of them for example would be making the slide overflow hidden.

I have bought this slider today, but i have troubles placeing it into a div tag. It always positions itself in the center of the screen and no matter how i change its css it calculates left:50% and top:50% and i dont seem i can find a way to place it where i need it. I checked all the examples and no matter which css i include it always is placed in the center. Why dont you make it to appear withing the parent div tag? How can i set it there?

Please answer asap as i need this urgently

If you can send your web page here with slider inside, I can take a look: http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact

there is no attach option on the form. As i mentioned in my previous comments, I have placed my webpage here: http://test.nfg.mk so you can take a look. Or tell me how to send you a zip file.

You can send here directly: mat.browne [at] yahoo.com


I got this error while trying to integrate your accordion with my site. The thing is i just did with a direct copy of one of your examples and it still gave the same error

Error Message jquery.accordionGallery.min.js:formatted:410Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘jsp’ of null

The code from the file where the error occurred

}, {
    duration: 1E3,
    easing: "easeOutSine" 
h = P.jScrollPane().data().jsp; * Error Occurred Here *
P.bind("jsp-initialised", function(a, b) {}

muex Purchased

Hi, thank you for this great slider. I want to use the slider horizontal with same width. I implemented it in the CMS but the slider is out of the flow because it’s position in absolute and the negative margin. How can I integrate the slider in the normal flow?


Send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact with a link to your webpage so we can have a look.