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Hi! I have a few questios: -How can I enter my Google Api Key? -How can I take off the “Travel mode” and “Waypoints optimizationh”? -How can I have a map at loading? Thank you in advance!

Hi, I couldn’t catch you at skype, but I could resolve some things by myself :-) I made a new entry: “jqm_TextDistance : ‘Total distance: ’,//—> text of field distance” and ”’tds’=>’Total distance:’,” and “jqm_TextDistance : ”’.$tds.’”,” and it works fine but I don’t know how to input it here: $(’.jqm_distance’).html(‘Total distance: ’ +total + ” km”) at the place of “Total distance”. Can you give me the reight syntax?

And I didn’t find out how I can have the map at site loading… You can contact me at skype (lubo_gigov), too. Thanks!

Great support at Skype!!! 10 of 5 Stars :-)

Hi, one more Time! Is it possible to extend the width of the address input boxes in the Wordpress Plugin? Thanks!

sorry, i have a problem! where is possible insert the API number, i have in my blog only 2 plugin activated. can you help me, beacuse i have payed € 11??

p.s. se sei italiano, puoi rispondere anche in italiano :D


Add to Skype, can you reply me please. Thanks.

I have a problem, the map is not showing for me. It is just a blank page


Hi,sorry for delay I’m writing from my phone, but now I’m in hospital and I’ll ready on Monday. Thanks for patience

contact me on skype please


does it work in France?

Thank you

into JQMap_RouteCalc_plugin.php file a line 13 change
wp_register_script('jquery-JQMap_RouteCalcgoogleapis', '');
wp_register_script('jquery-JQMap_RouteCalcgoogleapis', '');
let me know.
good job
p.s. just changed “en” into “fn”, please pay attention when copy and past from this comments because there is a problem with apostrophes.

Thank you a lot. You are SUPER efficient. one more thing I set up a fixed destination but it won’t show up on the map, even though it shows up on the preview

it’s not possible delete marker of fixed destinationi’m sorry. you can only delete the balloon.

Hi, just presale question: Is it possible to not use the map just calculate thedistance btween those two places and then calculate the price for driving there?

Thanks in advance.

you need integrate a php script to do it, it depends from your php and js knowledge

Hi, want to go for this. I have a question , what if destination is more then 8 , say about 100 or 200. any primium membership required to manage such huge number of address data ?

Hi I just have some presales questions. I have fairly good knowledge of PHP and JS and just want to know can I just have the form without the map? Can i add extra input boxes to each address field that can contain a time? After distance calculation is it easy to pass the route on to me next page? As it will be integrated into a checkout system so I need to send the route, with the total distance and time value to my checkout page of which cost calculations will be done.

hi, sorry for delay. what you’re asking for is another plugin, i’m sorry. but if you have php and js knowledge you can edit my code for your needs

Hello, I would like to make some small modifications to jquery-JQMap_RouteCalc.js file and whatever I do, even if I only open it and add space at the end of the file and then save it and put it on wordpress platform, plugin stops to work. Can you please help me, it is realy disturbing situation. Thank you in advance.

ha, found the solution, modifications must be done on original file from install package, not on file that is already installed on wordpress platform, because somehove it is modified when transferred into java editor; bdw is there any known compatibility issues with wordpres 3.4.x?

mmmm so the problem is on wp editor. it’s very strange. i think the wp editor not save in utf8

p.s. no problem with wp 3.4

Hello! Can users create a custom route from A to B on the front end? Not from their location to my default location, but any 2 points they need, thanks

Sorry but this is not the purpose of script. But You should edit the js code to do what you’re asking for

Ok thank you! is this something you could do for us for an extra charge?

sorry for delay. at this moment i am not available, i’m so sorry. try to contact me next month

Questions, how can we add more than 8 waypoints / destinations? Thanks for creating this plugin. We use it every day.

hi, thank you for compliment. To have more the 8 wp you need a google API key

Thanks for the info. Hopefully this will help other users as well and log in with your Google Account. Click the Services link from the left-hand menu. Activate the Google Maps API v3 service. Click the API Access link from the left-hand menu.

hi! wordpress 4.7 work plugin ?

hi, i didn’t test it on 4.7. i will test it into 3-4 days,sorry but now i can’t

Hi, how can I add a default map when the page is loaded?

Eccomi. Si hai ragione bisogna impostarlo nel plug in . Se mi scrivi la tua api key via email nel pomeriggio spero di riuscire a sistemare e ti mando il file da sovrascrivere. Scusa se nn sono proprio celere nel rispondere ma ho un pò di impegni e a volte dimentico di aprire la dashboard di codecanyon.

perfetto, grazie mille per il supporto

ti ho inviato via email un file in allegato da sostituire nella cartella del plugin. Fammi sapere