JQMap Route Calc

JQMap Route Calc

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this plugin provides to calculate a route from point to point.

use Google API 3

Easy to use
8 waypoint for standard account
interactive info direction panel
Autocomplete on searc destinations
Calc of total distance of your route
Draggable destinations on map
Include street view

Update 18 May 13

  • fix minor bugs
  • improvements on route print function

Update 13 May 13

  • fixed proble of multimaps on one page

Update 9 May 13

  • fix a bug in js file

Update v.1.2.1

  • you can change more text
  • update video preview
  • added others options (e.g. zoom on fix destination)
  • removed center map option because map is centered on fix destination

Update v.1.2 (added some options)

  • you can choose a fix destination (for example you can chose you business location so your clients can calculate route to your location)
  • In calc route panel you can put a text relating to your position
  • you can center map in a fix point so it can load at load page
  • you can put a text in a infowindow on map for the fix position that you have chose
  • fix some minor bugs

V. 1.1

  • print your route
  • way points optimization
  • travel mode changable