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how do i change to miles. Also is there a way to have the Route tab show by default rather than having to click the button to show it.

I’m testing the script before buying, but I set:

Madrid (Spain ) to Oviedo (Spain) and the destination map appears ITALY always!

aLWAys appears NAPOLES (ITALY) in a C point why=????

Can I set Spanish languaje???

in the demo the script was setted to work in italy (see code please).
To change language change this line:
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> 
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


I want to remove the final destination. I don’t want to have an ending point. I’ve put a starting point but I don’t want the ending point. I’ve removed this line: jqm_Fixdestination : ‘46.75940223,23.58980895’, but it gives me an error. I want only the starting point and then to put in the coordinates and calculate from the starting point to the place I’ve put. Can you help me? Per all it’s a very nice application! Good job!

I think my script works in reverse or i don’t understand what you mean.
you are not a buyer, how do you edit script?

I have bought this script today and got it working without any problems. Then I put it on a tab and it didn’t load correctly (Google Maps behaviour). I contacted the author and got a real fast response. He helped me in realtime chatting on Skype until I had a working solution for my usecase. And this although my problem didn’t have anything to do with his script. That’s what I call a 5-star-+ support! Thank you very much, MrPlugins!

thank you for your comment, i’m glad to hel my customers ;-)

hello, i just bought your script and i am facing a problem . when i enter address’s and then submit them i get ( Zero _result ) message

never mind i fixed my issue will leave feedback tomorrow! :)

USA math cal for ( Miles/Distance) is as follows : total = Math.round(total / 1.609344 * 1) / 1000;

Thank you ;-)

Hi, this tool are good but if could add an area measuring tool like this: I will definitely buy thanks

sorry but it’s another plugin for another scope

i have a question/problem. for some reason it will not show up while using ( ) but it will show up with ( )

i need it to work on both of them…

any ideas how to fix this issue?


LoL i though i made up a fake website name … but anyways do you know why it wont work with ( https:// but will with http:// ) ?

there is no reasons to not work in https. please try to upload bootcommerce into your server and then commente the line 4 and 5 into include/inc_load.php (active php errors) file to see what is problem

p.s. sorry but i’m tired and stupid, i don’t see the fake links hahaha

hi, can you please tell me how to fix google maps behavior in bootstrap tabs please? i am facing problem that if hidden tab with map is opened its width is only 50 pixels. Thanks

sorry for delay, i think you have set “width” option to auto