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Hi There, how can I make sure the tooltip popup for the jquery plugin doesnt flow off the screen and, instead, remains visible on the visible screen area? I’ve noticed that when I sometimes add a tooltip to text that’s close to the side of a page, the tooltip will sometimes be cutoff.

Hi hadleybk,

jqeasytooltip controls where should open when opened near the edge of the screen. If it does not work well, give us information about your environment, a screen capture, browser, version, etc .. and send it to support@j3dlab.com so that we can review it and try to solve it as soon as posible.

Greetings and thanks for your feedback.


I have a quick pre-sale question for you. How does this display within the Visual editor? I am currently using a plugin that adds tooltips via a shortcode, but when you use a lot of shortcodes, that can quickly become messy within your Visual editor.

Here’s a screenshot as an example of what I mean. Sorry for the trouble, it’s just I didn’t see any screenshots with this and it’s one of the primary things I’m concerned about before buying.

Thank you!


The visual editor is pretty simple to use, but it also adds tooltips via a shortcode. Sorry. Thank you for your feedback, we would make this visualization better in the future.


Ah. I hope ya’ll do! I feel like that’d give this plugin a leg up over others that add a shortcode like that.

If I might make a suggestion on how to possibly begin? When you add an HTML anchor in the text editor (ex: < a name=”example” >), then switch over to the visual editor, it renders the anchor as an actual anchor graphic. Here’s a screenshot as an example. Just some food for thought on where to possibly start.

Thanks for the reply!

Thanks to yo for your feedback and ideas. We will think about it. Greetings.

Any WPML compatibility?

Hi, jqeasytooltip is compatible with WPML, there is no feedback of any user of incompatibility with WPML, since the text is in the page editor and is easily manageable with WPML.

No, there is not automatic keyword tooltips. Sorry. Thank you for your feedback, we would make this feature in future updates.


Any updates coming up?

Hi, We have planned several updates, but I can not give you specific dates. We would like to update the wordpress and jquery versions at once, with the feedback received.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to announce soon further improvements.

Can you make the tooltip fullwidth?


The tooltip width is adaptative to the content. You can establish a max-width too if you don´t want adaptative. Or you can make your custom css template with full width and your responsive rules.

Hope this will help you.

Pre-sales question. Can I use this plugin to put tooltips on post titles? My main concern is that that I use large titles and it usually takes 3-4 lines of text. I want to use the plugin to write the title in “Lorem ipsum…” form and then on hover the whole title appears above. Is this possible with the plugin? Thank you.

If the title is within the editor there is no problem to put it as you like. In the title of a page or an entry, you have to make a change from your functions.php, then put the shortcode that generates jqeasytooltip editor in the title.

<?php function add_shortcode_to_title( $title ){ return do_shortcode($title) } add_filter( ‘the_title’, ‘add_shortcode_to_title’ ); //you might be able to simplify this to just “add_filter( ‘the_title’, ‘do_shortcode’ )”, though I am not 100% sure of that… ?>


Dear Support,

Will there be any updates coming up?


Hi, This year there is an scheduled update, with some proposed improvements by users feedback. All comments and feedback are welcome.


You have so many broken images here and on your website – all hosted from Google Drive?

Thank you. Problems with our hosting. We are going to fix it.

Can I add tooltips at the woocommerce checkout fields?

Hi, you can add tooltips if you do it from code (functions.php) or if you are using a checkout plugin that allows you to put shortcodes in the checkout fields.


You mentioned updates 9 months ago, could you mention any progress?

Kind regards

Hi sir, Please, I want to create four buttons, where when i hover (mouse over) on any button then the popup window will be display with some text and button. How can i do that? is that possible with your plugin?


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does it support keywords – in other words if i have a term say automobile in a blog post will it convert that keyword to a tooltip automatically?

hey, is there any way to make this work on woocommerce product images? thx!