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Excellent, very useful for webapp projects (tested on iPhone/iPad/Android 2.3.5).

Keep them coming Mdevstore!

Nice to hear that and thanks for the purchase! :)
Definitely working on more items, good luck with your webapp projects. ;)

Very nice sliding puzzle widget. One question – how to limit the size of the control to 800×600 px?

Thanks for your kind words.
We just developed and added an extra responsive limitation function for you, also decided to update this file to v1.1 and include it.

Currently our update is still in the queue.
Please contact us at so we can send you the updated version immediatly. ;)


First of all I wanted to thank you for this plugin; the commenting and structure of the files are very clean!

However, I am unable to make the canvas load with a div. I noticed that you are appending to the body tag, however, since I am needing to add this game within a page, I am unable to display the game within a div. The most recent attempt I have tried is first in the HTML adding this:

<body onload="$('article#slider').SetupMode(1,295,292)">

and then in the JS changing the append to this :

var gameCanvas = $("article#slider"); gameCanvas.appendChild(canvas);

But I have not had much success.

Thank you for the sale!

We will review this and I’ll get back to you asap. ;)

Hi Tkrishnan,

We have just made it possible to use it within a div and will include it in jPuzzle v1.2 as an update, but it might take some time to have it processed.

Please send an e-mail to with your licence certificate or with the version of jPuzzle you bought, just so we can verify it’s you so we can send you the update immediatly.

can you limit the width and height?

Yes you can, it’s included since v1.1. :)

Are “preview” and the arrows editable?

Looking at demo source this seems to wrapped in a javascript file?

I am also interested in version 1.2.

Yes, everything is editable. :)


Very happy with this great script. There’s a small issue that my users are starting to commenting on. The previous, next and preview onClick events only get activated on a double click (any one can be double clicked to activate all the others), after the double click everything works fine. (on Android).

Personally, I don’t really care, it’s a minor issue in a great script, but you know what customers are like! lol!



PS @mrdigital, you get all the source code and images so everything is editable.

PPS @ThemeLizard, have you noticed that you haven’t got the javascript canvas sizing quite right on the next arrow? It doesn’t show up so much in a browser, but it’s more noticable on a hand held device, it’s more stretched than the previous arrow.

Hi Georgedor,

Thanks for purchasing! Haha indeed. ;) My apologizes that I wasn’t able to respond faster to your enquiry.

We will review both issues and I’ll get back to you soon. ;)

Thanks for getting back to me. No rush, if you can fix it great, but if not it doesn’t really matter to me.

When will you release version 1.2? I’d like to be place the puzzle in a

I would appreciate a response to my question above. The reason why I’m asking is that the version I downloaded does not work when I view it with IE9. It works fine when viewed with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Hi, thank you for contacting us. I already replied to you via e-mail before, we’re currently working on this and expect an update of this in few days. This update will come along with some other improvements.

Hello, Is it possible to modify this so that the images appear in a specific order – rather than shuffled? I am comfortable modifying the code, but do not want to affect the functions of the game itself.

Any help is appreciated.


Can you make it into a multi-player game with PayPal integration so you can make a wager and challenge friends to win cash, like this one?


I need to be able to use jPuzzle in a div and your previous comment to “Tkrishnan” said that this was possible with version 1.2.

I have emailed you at with my licence certificate but have heard nothing back as yet.

Please get back to me with a copy of the relevant version.


I have emailed you at TWO DAYS AGO with my licence certificate but have heard nothing back as yet.

Please respond.

hello, y bought your template and want to know how to get a margin on the fourth sides. I’m trying to do it but it only gives me a margin on two sides without resizing the game. thanks

great work! looks beautiful.