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Hi, I’m trying to call the initMenu method in order to open the context menu. When I do this: $(”#myid”).initMenu(myX, myY); I get an error that the initMenu function does not exists.

Please advice

Ok, I found the solution for that. Anyways, I’m working with jQuery 1.9 and the code doesn’t support it. I fixed the relevant issues and I can send it to you. Please email me to get the code. Thanks :)

thanks for the support, you can send it at this address: tartaglia.riccardo@gmail.com

Icons become out of position plus triple in size. Any reasons?

Please help…

mail me an example of your code: tartaglia.riccardo@gmail.com

Is it easy to populate the menu items with data from mysql?

e.g. to retrieve image path, URL and menu title from the database instead of hard coded?

Hi cfoinfo, you can use any server side language (PHP, ASP etc.) for retrieve data from a database and populate the menu item

Has tablet support been added? I need to create a piemenu which displays another circular/pie menu when an option is clicked. Please let me know if I can do it on a table with this component.

Hi pradeepck, sorry but I don’t have add tablet support yet :(

Hi! , can i use icons such as glyphicons , and not images ?

hi sagivle1, unfortunately jPie use only images for icons, sorry for that. I’m working on a CSS3 version of jPie in my free time, I’ll let you know when it will ready

another question, i am using jquery-1.9.1.js and jquery-ui.js version 1.10.4 both are newer versions then those you are using , and i am using them in my website. it seems that when using those versions , jpie isn’t working , and getting an execption at jpie.js line 99 :

$(’#’+id).live(“contextmenu”,function(e){ e.preventDefault(); });

Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function

any help will be very appriciated.

after downgrading to jquery-1.8.3.js , both my site and Jpie , working well.