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Hi, i would like to edit the following on the search form:

Examination :Delete – take out Year :Delete take out Roll : Change to ID Number

Please assist me – i am making this website for a client who is requiring it to look like that.

Dear valuable & respectable customer, you have to modify code for removing Examination & Year fields. Currently, we don’t have option panel for doing this. This feature will be added on our next version. Send me a personal email, if you need it urgent. Thank you.

Dear Sir, We required a very simple result function ( Roll No. + Marks , Something similar to this screenshot : ). if this is possible to hide all other fields . Thanks for a great plugin

Yes, it is possible to hide Unnecessary fields. Leave that the fields blank you do not want to show. Next update, an option panel will be added for this. We allreay added three different search form. It will meet your needs. Our next update will be release within 10 days.Thank you.

Thank you, this is the great! I bought plugin, this is working very good. I am very happy. I have also provided 5 star rating to plugin. Thanks

Dear valuable & respectable customer, thank you so much for yout good wishes & 5 Star rating! :-) Stay with us.


wirasak Purchased

I want to add three Fields in the Result Management Settings section.

In which settings section? I replied in your email. Please let me know what kind of field you need? I will add that fields in next update. Thank you!

pls i want you to add the use of scratch card to view the result page. thks

Hello Mr Eddy, I’ve replied in your email. Thank you.

Hi i upload everything, its ok but when i search not find the student details with roll number and not shown the certificate

Did you read the documentation carefully & do everything I wrote such away? Please send me a personal message. I will check your site. :) Thank you.

everything working except search, i enter the search details it shows result not found

Everything should work well. Did you read the documentation carefully & do everything I wrote such away? Please send me a personal message. I need to check your site.

Hi please check my site its now also donot working well

Please check with main domain not subdomain. Then, inform me the result. I never heard about an issue like this.

will it support wordpress 4.7.4 ?


I need a version that support scratch pins. how do you assist us with this and at how much.

Hello, you need to customize your version. I’ve got your mail and will continue this conversion there. Thanks.

i want to purchase your extension, but in your demo, the admin section is not seen to see how it works.

Please see the screenshots to know about Admin panel. Currently, there is no live link for customers. I will send you a video’s link shortly. Thank you.

i bought plugin and installed according to direction, front page not showing search fields.. and when i disable search template and search, i get server error. please i need this resolved soon. thank you

i bought plugin and installed according to direction, front page not showing search fields.. and when i disable search template and search, i get server error. please i need this resolved soon. thank you

search fields not showing in front page. please see link when i disable search template, field will show and when i search i get server error.

Hello, this is not a issue. Its a mistake. First, add some result and publish them. Then go to the ‘Search form’ tab under’ Result Management Settings’ menu. Choose your desire search form from the dropdown menu. Click on ‘Save Settings’ button. Then check the page, search form will appear. Thank you. Please delete the above two same comment if possible. If you need more support then please drop a email here directly.

Hello! Is this possible to hide the feature that we don’t need. Their is too much information before the result can be viewed ( Example: Student type, Gender, etc.. ) Also can we edit the name of the option by our own. Looking for a buy!! I also see your update for the RMS is almost an year.

Yes you can hide the Unnecessary fields. Also can change the fields name. Yes due to some issues our second update are delayed to release. I hope to be able to release the update within two to three months from now. Thank you.

When i Changed fields name to Chinese characters(中文), Export/Import CSV doesn’t work well, there are some errors, CSV fields can’t show right Chinese characters, JPSRMSP can’t read CSV fields with Chinese can i fix them, thank you!

another bug: fill in Classes/Sections/Groups form with Chinese characters(中文) , then students’ results can‘t be searched.

Hello, this is probably characters encoding problem. I didn’t check with Chinese character. But it should work. Please let me check. I will inform you shortly. Thank you.

Hello, i just purchased ur plug in and it is very nice. good job well done. i had a few questions: 1. Where can i change the word for “Roll” in search form?

2. Why is Date Of Birth in the result page didn’t showing a “Day” ex: d.o.b is 20/06/1986, in the result page only showing “061986”? Please advise.

Thank you.

Hello, thank you so your 5 star rating. Yesterday, I sent you an email. Hope you got that.

If you want to change ‘roll’ word from search form then you have to translate this plugin in your language. There should be an option for this. We must add this to the next version.

I’ve checked ‘date format’ output in result page. It looks ok.But, since your site is having trouble, I want to visit it. Please contact in email. Thank you.

Hi, I am interested in your product. have option to download certificate in pdf?

We are sincerely sorry. Currently, there is no option like this. We will try to add this feature in our next version or upwards. Thank you.

have no option to upload pdf instead of image in certificate?

Yes, of course. You can upload pdf instead image. Thank you.

Good day Joy2012bd. pls is it possible to assign subjects to a students. if there are 50 subjects in that school. is it possible to assign 15 subject to a particular set of school and it will appear on the result than the result displaying the whole 50 subjects

Hello, It has 80 subjects initially.You can change the name of the subjects according to your needs and also hide the unnecessary subjects. Subjects you fill for a student are only visible on Result page. Hope you got answers to your questions. Thank you. :)

Hi S. K .Joy Hope you are doing great.i want to purchase this plugin but before i have some questions like i can import students results from excel to into your result plugin and most important question is what will be the file format and fields format for importing result.Because i have 3000 entries in my excel sheet and want to enter all via import plugin. Thanks

Hello rabianawaz786, you can import students results form excel. The excel file format is .csv. Hope you got answers to your questions. For any other query send email from my profile page. Thank you. Have a nice day! :)


ahmed09 Purchased

Sir, I hope you are doing great. I have a project to generate the exam entry slip on the university letterhead, the data will be queried from the database and entered in the custom letterhead theme correspondingly. it’s just like a form filling on a letterhead. also the data we don’t have in the database but it will be uploaded using the CSV file. Can you please guide us and advise us that this plugin can generate the letterhead and report on the letterhead as form filling. database can be populated using the CSV file which client has provided the required information for the exam entry slip. My email is if you can reply me on the email as well will be appreciated. Thanks in advance…

Hello, I’ve sent you an email. Thank you. Have a nice day!

hi m purchase ur plugin the plugin very awesome

but m facing some problem in ur plugin.. when m use ur plugin’s shortcode.. then plugin not competible my theme.. certificate view culaum not show… both links are mention please check and help me for settings

Hello, please provide a roll number for checking search form.