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after install the fornt end show a white page?... please help

can you show errors (set it into back end) and send me a link at page??

Channel and single Video will work. I have the Problem that the Playlist don’t work.

If I add my “Zeitraffer” Playlist: with this embedded code: [YTP][/YTP]

I will get this on my frontpage: Requested channel is unavailable!

I’ts an encoding problem. can you giv me an email. I sand you a fixed version! However i updat the version on the market. Thank you for all!

I have send you a message!

Hello as I can delete the channel name as the main title of the page where I use the plugin? it is possible to increase the size of the image and sort the items in the page where the channel is displayed?... thanks in advance

to hide channel and playlist title you can edit style adding ”#ytg_box h2{display:none}” (without quotes). And for increase the thumbs image you’ve to edit css file that you have set to default.

Hello … could you help me please, indicating which is the way to remove the user name when youtube channel is displayed, and the user contains only letters … greetings and thanks.

hi cabesoul, i have update a version with a secret feature (it will be shared with new version). Download it again, remove old version and reinstall it. you can use inline parameter “gtitle” (for gallery and channel) that allow you to change gallery/channel title in this way: [ YTG ]|gtitle=My Title[/YTG]

Just purchased this plugin, and Im currently have an error on website showing error code here, I have a frustrated client so please help.

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/shells5/public_html/ on line 210

check your messages for all the detail.