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Quick question for your apps using parse will you change it once parse shuts down ?

We’ve hosted Parse SDK on back4app.com so it won’t shutdown ;) What Facebook will turn off is only the hosting service of parse sdk on parse.com, so back4app will keep Parse alive, check that website out.

Android version coming soon!


Android version coming soon!

Any Push notification? how about android version ?

no push, and the Android version is on its way, it may be ready in a couple of weeks ;)

Android version coming soon!

good job, nicely done ! i wish you all the best for your sales ;)


Android version coming soon!

Hi, Admob not working or not displaying on home page . actually I have this issue on classify android app also . could you tell me why?

That’s because Google ads server needs time to process your new Banner Unit ID’s, the code is fine, it’s google’s fault, you just need to wait for Google to initialize your unit ID. Remove the app from your device, try again tomorrow or later today.

and also, 1.is there any way for us to add more photo for review ? 2. I want to add new review to same city but apps says I already add review and not allow me to post new one.

1. You would have to write some custom code and add UI elements to the app to make it happen. We’re currently not available for freelance work so we can’t help you, sorry.
2. It’s not possible to add more than 1 review/city, otherwise users will be free to keep posting reviews and that will affect the app (let’s say a user will post 100 reviews, too bad, and we already know that clients will get mad asking us to prevent that, so we already did it in this app ;)

Android version coming soon!

Nice app, looks great!

Is the are way to send users posts to review before they appear on the app?

Well I might just buy both versions and another apps that you made!

Just three more questions (for now)

1- How hard would be to only let the Admin make a post?

2- Is the are way to add comments to the posts?

3- How much does this extra jobs costs?

for quotations and details please contact us by our profile’s contact form. Thanks!

Hi, there is 2 issue, please take a look attachment and help…http://epchilem.com/1e.png

1. declare the logout button as an IBOutlet in your class:
    @IBOutlet weak var logoutOutlet: UIButton!
2. Edit the begining of viewDidAppear() like this:
override func viewWillAppear(_ animated: Bool) {
    if PFUser.current() == nil {
        containerScrollView.isHidden = true

        logoutOutlet.isHidden = true

    } else {
        logoutOutlet.isHidden = false

If you want to edit the text of login and sign up button in Account.swift, they are just behind the containerScrollView, so check this out: https://s22.postimg.org/6mlyuitcx/sample.png


Having this issue after editing the code http://epchilem.com/error.png please take a look. thanks

sure, that’s because you haven’t connected your logout button to the IBOutlet instance: ctrl-drag with the mouse from the button in the Storyboard to the:

    @IBOutlet weak var logoutOutlet: UIButton!

yes, after connect it works, but after login it’s not showing the account page .http://epchilem.com/account.png

you’ve probably messed up with the code, so please contact us by our profile’s contact form and we’ll send you the Account.swift file

Fab app! Is it possible to view the places reviewed for each city on a preview map, so users can see at a glance where the most inspiring places are?

Oh, sorry, maybe you meant to see the specific location a user has reviewed inside a city, on a map?
If that’s yes, it would require some complex custom code to make it happen, and we’re not available for freelance work at the present.

Cool – thanks – I did mean seeing the specific location all users have reviewed in a city on a map of the city. A shame it’s something complex, but great app anyway.

thanks for your feedback.

Hi, I want 10 review for every cities from each user, how do I set that ?

for customization requests please contact us by our profile’s contact form, but be a bit more descriptive because i don’t understand what you exactly need. Thanks!