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Hi, how CRUD generator works. I don’t see any generator. I can see only form, buton and page generator but i can’t see structure generator -(controller, routing, model, view). Can I generate all structure e.g. for “posts” table. In other laravel CRUD generators can make structure from database table. How CRUD generator works in you application?


you can create a new table along with model, controller, views, migrations etc.

you can’t generate from a table.

that feature do exists but we are not supporting it and we are not sure whether it works properly or not.


I cannot find laravel 4.2 and 5.0 directory in your archive. Can you please help with this?

Thank you

i’m login to git.lorvent.com but i dont see file project 4.2 and 5.0 in tab project pls help me

hello jyostna I cannot find laravel 4.2 and 5.0 in git.lorvent.com


please contact me from https://codecanyon.net/user/jyostna#contact and i will tell you.

Did you implement your theme with this spark guide line https://spark.laravel.com/ , i have bought unlimited site license so i want to use laravel spark with your theme to make our product . and if you implemented this then which version as laravel spark current version release is 4.0 so please clear it ..?


Yes, we implemented using that only and it supports 4.x


Hello! this looks great, I have a pre-sales question. I need to give a front end to my wordpress registered users so they can upload a xls or cvs file into a table in my mysql db. Will I be able to give that capability to my users with this system? thanks!


you need to write custom code for that.


Do not you have data table – option for export option with different format? also forward data to email ? As i do not find this option inside your data table , please guide me?


You can see the demo of datatables with export option here http://joshadmin.com/admin/advanced_tables

How do you completely remove the color picker from the front end site?

We have responded in other comment. We hope it is clear

The little color changer on the front page top right side of the page, how do you remove that permanently? The little black cog wheel for the skins I want to remove it.

Hi, There is a script file named “style-switcher.js” is added at the bottom of the page. You can simply remove that in the page it self. Else, if you wanna remove even the files related to it you can find it in “assets/js/frontend/style-switcher.js”.



I want to purchase the product, Does it support Right to Left (RTL)? Or do you confirm that I can make it on my own?


Hello, it doesn’t have RTL but i have seen some github plugins offering easy RTL for bootstrap themes.


Can we combine with the android app? so we can take the api or insert the database via android app..? please answer.. and can you help to make that one?


currently it doesn’t have API but making API is damn simple and we can help you with that.

Dear,I need the RTL support is it available?

Hi, currently it doesn’t support RTL.

but i read somewhere bootstrap4 supports RTL by default so when we release bs4 version, we may include it.

Hey installing 5.4, everything is fine until i do npm run dev it doesnt find the assts

[copy-webpack-plugin] WARNING – unable to locate ‘resources/assets/vendors/fullca lendar/dist/fullcalendar.css’ at ’/opt/bitnami/frameworks/laravel/resources/asset s/vendors/fullcalendar/dist/fullcalendar.css’ [copy-webpack-plugin] WARNING – unable to locate ‘resources/assets/vendors/fullca lendar/dist/fullcalendar.print.css’ at ’/opt/bitnami/frameworks/laravel/resources /assets/vendors/fullcalendar/dist/fullcalendar.print.css’ [copy-webpack-plugin] WARNING – unable to locate ‘resources/assets/vendors/fullca lendar/dist/fullcalendar.min.js’ at ’/opt/bitnami/frameworks/laravel/resources/as sets/vendors/fullcalendar/dist/fullcalendar.min.js’ [copy-webpack-plugin] WARNING – unable to locate ‘resources/assets/vendors/bootst rap-datepicker/dist/js/bootstrap-datepicker.js’ at ’/opt/bitnami/frameworks/larav el/resources/assets/vendors/bootstrap-datepicker/dist/js/bootstrap-datepicker.js’ [copy-webpack-plugin] WARNING – unable to locate ‘resources/assets/vendors/bootst rap-datepicker/dist/css/bootstrap-datepicker.css’ at ’/opt/bitnami/frameworks/lar avel/resources/assets/vendors/bootstrap-datepicker/dist/css/bootstrap-datepicker. css’ [copy-webpack-plugin] WARNING – unable to locate ‘resources/assets/vendors/bootst rap-treeview/dist/bootstrap-treeview.min.css’ at ’/opt/bitnami/frameworks/laravel /resources/assets/vendors/bootstrap-treeview/dist/bootstrap-treeview.min.css’ [copy-webpack-plugin] WARNING – unable to locate ‘resources/assets/vendors/bootst rap-treeview/dist/bootstrap-treeview.min.js’ at ’/opt/bitnami/frameworks/laravel/ resources/assets/vendors/bootstrap-treeview/dist/bootstrap-treeview.min.js’ [copy-webpack-plugin] WARNING – unable to locate ‘resources/assets/vendors/bootst rap-treeview/public/css/bootstrap-treeview.css’ at ’/opt/bitnami/frameworks/larav el/resources/assets/vendors/bootstrap-treeview/public/css/bootstrap-treeview.css’ [copy-webpack-plugin] WARNING – unable to locate ‘resources/assets/vendors/jstree /dist/themes/default/’ at ’/opt/bitnami/frameworks/laravel/resources/assets/vendo rs/jstree/dist/themes/default’

Hello, did you run bower install ?

if you are logged in as root, try bower install --allow-root

you can check manually if assets installed or not by going to resources/assets/vendors folder.


Hello, what about RTL and multilanguage? Thanks!

Laravel has multi language feature.

RTL is not there but i read there are some plugins for bootstrap which helps converting to RTL easily.

once we move to bootstrap4, we will release RTL version aswell.

once bootstrap 4 beta is released.

Hi I had brought the template to learn laravel. I want to start real application and I want to use spark team billing with it. Brought Spark licence and installed fresh copy of Laravel 5.4. Just want to ask that should I setup Spark app first and then merge you template OR install josh admin template first and then spark? Please someone tell right procedure to merge both with laravel. Thanks in advance

‘npm install’ works now when I increased the RAM size. and ran composer update

other error still showsup when run “npm run dev”. Site home page is loading now

npm ERR! Linux 4.4.0-79-generic

npm ERR! argv ”/usr/bin/nodejs” ”/usr/bin/npm” “run” “dev”

npm ERR! node v6.11.0

npm ERR! npm v3.10.10


npm ERR! @ dev: `cross-env NODE_ENV=development node_modules/webpack/bin/webpack.js—progress—hide-modules—config=node_modules/laravel-mix/setup/webpack.config.js`

npm ERR! Exit status 2

npm ERR!

npm ERR! Failed at the @ dev script ‘cross-env NODE_ENV=development node_modules/webpack/bin/webpack.js—progress—hide-modules—config=node_modules/laravel-mix/setup/webpack.config.js’.


there is no need to dump 5.4 fresh files into it?

5.4 fresh is for laravel

spark files are for spark.laravel.com

Oh.. Thank you … worked fine and site running. Thank you for help

Hello, how can I generate the api rest and access-token to consume services from ionic, thanks for the answer.


you can contact from support for more detailed answer but here are the steps

1. create routes in routes/api.php

2. create new controller pointing to above routes with resourceful controller

3. if you want to get all users, code is like this

$users = User::all(); return $users;

that’s it…. laravel will take care of returning data in json format

hello i just freshly installed 5.4..

i have an error

(1/1) RuntimeException The only supported ciphers are AES-128-CBC and AES-256-CBC with the correct key lengths.


you forgot to run “php artisan key:generate”

which should fix the problem.

I use the control panel (METRONIC) but I want to use the animations in the icon animation. Can I use them? And how?

we are using livicons but they dropped that product, so you can’t use them directly.


abu7elo Purchased

InvalidArgumentException in FileViewFinder.php line 137: View [index] not found.

Material [material 54-5.2 ] I have followed the installation instructions [5.4 Installation] “Page 34 and 35”.

WebServer: Nginx

Please help me

Hello, i guess you are using material version.

if so, we removed frontend in it, you can go to backend by adding /admin at the end

if you still want frontend, we have a branch in repo where you can get it.

Josh this looks great,Im working on a site that lets users sell stuff from the front end,can i give them their own dashboard using this? I have never used laravel but im willing to learn it to make this work


Yes, you can do it but you need to write logic in both frontend and backend.

Could you help with this in your customization packages?

Yes, we can.