Discussion on Josh - Laravel Admin Template + Front End + CRUD

Discussion on Josh - Laravel Admin Template + Front End + CRUD

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Hello, I’ve create the support ticket. please look that and reply as soon as possible


wtheqapp Purchased

Hello, jyostna

Please reply for ticket Id= 817


wtheqapp Purchased

Hello, I’m facing this error while I’m trying to use the CRUD could you help me please

LOG.error: file_get_contents(/home/public_html/app/vendor/infyomlabs/swagger-generator/templates/model/property.stub): Failed to open stream: No such file or directory {exception}}

Can I use for 1 license to many sub domain in one domain?

No, Envato license doesn’t support that

You need seperate license for each sub-domain but if you need it for many sub-domains, please contact me and lets see if we can do anything.

Hello, I’m facing this error while I’m trying to use the CRUD could you help me please file_get_contents(/Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/sports-dashboard/vendor/infyomlabs/swagger-generator/templates/model/property.stub): Failed to open stream: No such file or directory

hi, responded to you over support ticket.


Hello. I have a pre-sale question I would love to hear your input on:

1. What are the plans on providing Laravel 10 compatible app that would work as expected? 2. Are there any limitations on using the CRUD to build apps? 3. What are the chances of having the app to has the choice of BREEZE, FORTIFY, LIVEWIRE as those are needed depending on a project? 4. Are there any plans on providing Payment gateways (some simple plan purchase or so as an example would be great).

As of now, I am building manually my CRUDs etc. and I really feel I could gain some speed if your system works with Laravel 10 as most projects would not be OK to start with 8/9 these days since 10 is already in PROD…

Lastly, are you really using pure Laravel so that any custom/own admin can get adapted of you are using some sort of theming framework which would make it a double learning to replace a simple admin views?


1. shortly we will update to laravel 10 which works 100%

2. currently it can create fields as described in demo, if you need more field types or relationships then you need to add that code after generations.

3. we made this using plain js, did not use anything in livewire and we have no plans to do so

4. laravel has many packages for that so i suggest using one of them yourself.

it is pure laravel with some packages and on frontend using bootstrap.

so there is not much learning curve if you already know those two.



hkor Purchased

Dear admin, I bought this product a long time ago, but I did not have the opportunity to install it, can you help with the installation? Best regards.

Hello sure

just follow documentation and if you face problems, feel free to ask here.

Hi, I am using the latest php version so to install the template I have to run the composer update commande first but each time I get following error : Failed to download symfony/finder from dist: The zip extension and unzip/7z commands are both missing, skipping. The php.ini used by your command-line PHP is: C:\xampp\php\php.ini Now trying to download from source

In GitDownloader.php line 82:

git was not found in your PATH, skipping source download

I went on many online discussions and on a last resort I hope to get an answer here for my problem :)

Sorry to ping you again but :( still getting errors after running ‘run npm dev’ I get : dev > npm run development

> development > mix

● Mix █████████████████████████ done (99%) plugins

webpack-cli { errno: -4058, code: ‘ENOENT’, syscall: ‘lstat’, path: ‘C:\\laragon\\www\\drg\\node_modules\\switchery\\dist\\switchery.css’ }

Also, to be honest I used laragon terminal since I don’t know what do you mean by GUI builder.


please contact me through support portal and i can assist you well.

gui builder means, in admin panel left menu…you can see menu named “CRUD Generator”

and regarding that npm run dev error, i suggest getting zip file directly from github downloads page, send your github username and i will add you to repos.


support laravel 9?

hi, it should support by default but we didnt update ourselves

Cant add ticket, I need your support. Your system is now working

Hello, it is working

and if you can’t post into Josh, post it into custom work.

but anyways you can ask here if it doesn’t work

When will this section of the documentation get update, being saying Wip for a long while

Hello, eventhough it says WIP…. it covers pretty much everything already.

if you get into any problem, feel free to ask.


afrom1 Purchased

please add me here on GitHub username mdagnachew and please when do u release the next update we really miss that


Dear sir !! after installation most of the CSS files and vendor files are missing , kindly do the needfull . the installation guide was not satisfying . also even we are unaware where the puchae code to be done .. too much messy in installation . kindly share us how to host the code instantly in CPANEL filemanager .


Laravel and cpanel are never made for each other, not just our project but any laravel project… will waste lot of time with cpanel because of composer packages installation etc.

please share your github username and i will add you there, in github we provide a zip containing all assets compiled.


I just bought the script and documentation does not say what default username/password is. Also, there is not admin folder so when I goto I get 404. this is version 2.

Hello, how can i manage iniside crud generator? Is possible to choose a folder where save files? Thank you

Ok thank you! Inside the table created, i got the namefile correctly in a column. I want to add the path where image is positioned to show the image. But i don’t unterstand in which file the name is selected. Where is the query? Can i customize the single data showed in the table?


you need to customize create and edit view files and also controller for it.

simplest way is to look at usercontroller file to see how we are doing it and copying same into your controller, view etc.


Please add me to git, username: tomatnig

Hello, I bought this Starter kits years back and at the time I couldn’t install it because I didn’t have the skills to use laravel. Fast forward I decided to check back and start using the script and noticed you now have v2. After following your documentation to install the version 2 and logged in the Admin panel I noticed that the page doesn’t come out well it’s like a broken css page. Right now I can’t do anything with the template because of the distorted view. How do I fix or do I install the regular version for my project. Also please add me to your GitHub page. Please help me to start using the theme.


if you have followed documentation and everything executed then you should have a working view, you can run “npm run dev” once again to see if its working fine or not.

also added you to github, you can download zip which has all assets compiled.

I’ve done that already, I ran npm run dev and also deployed the GitHub version of v2 and still have css issues

please contact me from and i can help you.

Hello, i have purchased your item, please you can add me in git? my name in git is: sidelingegneria

Hello, Added you to repo!

Please add me to repo. my github username: hkmading

Can not Compiling assets >.<

When I type the command

yarn install

It return the following message >.<

➤ YN0000: ┌ Resolution step ➤ YN0061: │ axios@npm:0.19.0 is deprecated: Critical security vulnerability fixed in v0.21.1. For more information, see ➤ YN0061: │ popper.js@npm:1.15.0 is deprecated: You can find the new Popper v2 at @popperjs/core, this package is dedicated to the legacy v1 Segmentation fault

hello, thats a warning which you can ignore.

also please contact from support page and i can help you better.

added you to repo.


can I confirm with you that: 1. May I know is it the rest api generator included? 2. can we add our custom code or SQL query if we need more advanced features?


1. yes

2. yes you can customize everything after files are generated.

Please add me to repo.




upid Purchased

Please add me to repo. my github username: upid



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