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Got this error on the Login attempt :

TokenMismatchException in VerifyCsrfToken.php line 68: in VerifyCsrfToken.php line 68 at VerifyCsrfToken->handle(object(Request), object(Closure)) in Pipeline.php line 137 at Pipeline->Illuminate\Pipeline\{closure}(object(Request)) in Pipeline.php line 33 at Pipeline->Illuminate\Routing\{closure}(object(Request)) in ShareErrorsFromSession.php line 49 at ShareErrorsFromSession->handle(object(Request), object(Closure)) in Pipeline.php line 137 at Pipeline->Illuminate\Pipeline\{closure}(object(Request)) in Pipeline.php line 33 .......

Happen after i transfer my app to the server operated in centOS 7 tons of solution got from net but it didnt help..

Pls help me.

- got error 500 when i debug.. :

This page includes a password or credit card input in a non-secure context. A warning has been added to the URL bar. For more information, see https://goo.gl/zmWq3m. signin:1 POST 500 (Internal Server Error) Navigated to

please contact me from http://lorvent.ticksy.com

may be we connect more better and solve issue

A really useful function for the CRUD module would be “user definable CRUD location”. For example I would like some of the CRUD to be stored under “admin” but I would also like some stored under “pages” or any other user-created folder. If this is possible, I would really appreciate some advice on how to do this.

No, I mean within the Laravel structure i.e. /resources/views/.... so, /resources/views/admin/ and /resources/views/pages/ etc..

oh.. with current code we can’t do that dynamically.

because we are storing configuration and processing files as per that.

may be we can plan that later.

Thanks, thats what I thought… anyway could be useful

I have a problem with Datatable. I start from the example “Laravel Examples/Ajax Datatable” to load the data from database in the table and it works. Then I try to add the buttons: print, pdf and CSV. I include the js libraries of the example Datatables/Advanced Data Tables and assign to table id=”table1” But I have an error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘_colReorder’ of undefined at new ColReorder (dataTables.colReorder.js:375) at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (table-advanced.js:16) at j (app.js:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (app.js:2) at Function.ready (app.js:2) at HTMLDocument.J (app.js:2)

If id=”table2” I have the error: Datatables warning: table id=table2 – Cannot reinitialise DataTable


Hello, that usually happens when you have different number of columns in each row

or you are trying to re-initialize datatables() function more than once.

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I cannot edit a user in the admin. The edit user form throws and error when I try and save “The password must be between 3 and 32 characters.”


please contact using https://lorvent.ticksy.com/


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Hi, i’m a new customer and use your html template.

is it possible to disable / collapse in a panel by default?


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Right ;-)

Can you please add ”.panel-collapsed” class to the particular panel icon like this
<i class="glyphicon glyphicon-chevron-up clickable panel-collapsed" />
and make that particular panel-body style=”display:none”.

Spegeli Purchased

Tyvm i got it running ;-)

I use Sentinel::loginAndRemember($user); inside a Controller to manually login a user. Then in same function I used Sentinel::getUser() to check if User is logged in, It print the user details. But when I move to another page (like login to home) their Sentinel::getUser() print null . Is their any other method to manually login a user ?

actually signup has nothing to do with login but i this ajax request adding user to database? and console printing success block or error block?

console printing success block and user is also added to database. and in postLogin controller it also fetch user when I use

$user = User::where('uid', $uid)->first();

So signup is working fine after signup I fetch user using above line and pass user to Sentinel::login($user); , at this point user login successfully (because Sentinel::check() return true) . All things are good at that point. When I return user in ajax request response I get user at that point and success block print user data. Then If I go to home page I do not find user logged in. and at that point Sentinel::check() return false.

In ajax response I send $resultArray['user'] = Sentinel::getUser(); It print user data in console. It means user is logged in successfully. But If I move to another page I found user is not logged in any more.

may be you can not login a user using ajax with sentinel.

as ajax requests use other code compared to regular calls

also please check https://github.com/cartalyst/sentinel/issues/354


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DONT WORRY ITS FIXED NOW, IT WAS SERVER ERROR ############################################## “Please help with this error… “ErrorException in HandleExceptions.php line 41: ini_set() has been disabled for security reasons”“


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Laravel 5.4 Ubuntu 16.06 npm run dev

> cross-env NODE_ENV=development node_modules/webpack/bin/webpack.js—progress—hide-modules—config=node_modules/laravel-mix/setup/webpack.config.js

events.js:160 throw er; // Unhandled ‘error’ event ^

Error: spawn node_modules/webpack/bin/webpack.js ENOENT at exports._errnoException (util.js:1018:11) at Process.ChildProcess._handle.onexit (internal/child_process.js:193:32) at onErrorNT (internal/child_process.js:367:16) at _combinedTickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:80:11) at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:104:9) at Module.runMain (module.js:606:11) at run (bootstrap_node.js:393:7) at startup (bootstrap_node.js:150:9) at bootstrap_node.js:508:3

Hello Jody,

Your issue seems similar to this https://github.com/JeffreyWay/laravel-mix/issues/94 . In this case try removing node_modules and run npm install instead of yarn.


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I have error when make CRUD with name buku.

FatalErrorException in BukusController.php line 20: Class ‘App\Bukus’ not found.

I already check that folder have Controller, View. etc. But still error.

What must I do.?

Hello, please check in App\Models if Bukus.php exists or not

if not, check in App folder.


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I use key word “buku” :
php artisan crud:gen buku—fields=”string:title,string:author,text:description”
I Have problem

but when use “book” :
php artisan crud:gen book—fields=”string:title,string:author,text:description”
running well.

What the diferent?

i don’t see any difference except no space between buku and—fields

but please use GUI based crud builder which is more easier to use.


Is it possible to use Josh CRUD to build business / web directory that displays locations close or relative to a post code?

Hello, it can generate CRUD but for location related functionality, you need to add code yourself.


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Hi, we just purschased your script, I can’t find the material theme 5.4 in /material/, I found only 5.3, where is for laravel 5.4, we really need that ASAP.



thanks for the purchase.

please get files from our repo by registering at http://landing.joshadmin.com

also please post issues into https://lorvent.ticksy.com


acedevel Purchased

Thanks for your reply, is there a link where I can see the material54 already working? thanks.


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I already succes create CRUD with GUI Generator.

I found some Model in folder app/Models. but, ... I not found Model for user.

I want User Model for make relationship.

Can you show me. Where Model for tabel User.?

Thank you very much.


glad to know its working for you.

User Model is there in App folder, you can find User.php inside App folder.



Can this work peer to peer donation platform, whereby member donate to member. Login and register page included? and is it possible to integrate frontend with it?

you need to write custom code for that, builder can help you but still you need to write custom code.

Thanks for your prompt reply. What I mean by peer to peer is like forced matrix platform (2:1 matrix). If I need to write custom code for that , can you help?


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laravel support sqlite database, whether josh support sqlite or not? will buy this now if josh is support sqlite


laravel supports sqlite so josh automatically supports sqlite, josh has no special requirements.


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Hello, I am having issues with cpanel and htaccess when trying to configure redirecting when people puts www in the address, as it is not working at all. Every time we type www.ourdomain.com the address changes and gives 404 and the URL is like: http://ourdomain.com/home/ourdomain_folder/public_html/htp:/ourdomain.com/index.php. How can we fix it and make the www redirect to the correct non-www version of the URL?


saulofoz Purchased

we tried both methods and both fails, so it must be the way the router is being setup as we don’t have problems with other Laravel based applications

We haven’t changed anything in router setup, you can check that by looking at routes/web.php

and moreover, it has nothing to do with laravel router setup, you must be having some mis-configuration in your apche/nginx server.

applying it is as simple as https://github.com/phanan/htaccess#force-non-www

sifupro Purchased

check you email support..request github share

i have replied to your ticket