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Hello, im wondering, im not good at building websites from zero, but this, can i e.g build an website for a gallery and info – maybe sell images and stuff like that without coding and stuff? Also, is this ready to use, or do i need to install other programs and scripts to make this work.

Like, if im going to have an gallery, can i make categories like: one page with landscape, one page with nature, and the images within the categorie have a single page when you click on an image? like i’ve done here with pure html/ccs -> https://hauenfoto.no

(sorry, not the greatest ingrish :P )

Thank you for answer :)

And no, i have no knowlegde in php coding or such..

Hello Honestly, if you don’t have any php knowledge then Josh is not the right tool for you.

its a developer friendly product where developers can save time by using it.


I use generation builder to create CRUD, But there is no way to modify the relation of tables (1 to many or many to many), How is it possible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated Best


currently if you want to define relationships then you have to do it manually by editing model files.

Hi, I need to have a menu generator to ease the process of menu generation, Something like backpack menu crud, but it seems there are conflicts , Do you have any recommendations?



i never used any other packages for it, unless you are doing highly dynamic sites its easy to do by editing menu section.

we are also planning to give menu crud but it takes some time.

Do you have documentation for relationship for your template?

Relationship with other table if we using generate CRUD.

No but its no different from laravel regular relationships

after generating everything using CRUD, need to modify Model and migrations https://laravel.com/docs/5.4/eloquent-relationships

material styles missing? How could I get those?

did you run npm install, bower install and npm run dev?

it was asking for github credentials….is it open for anyone or should I request access from you?

Oh….i think you are getting problem while installing bower components,

one of the package we used is deleted thats why its asking.

i guess we fixed that in repo…. so you can get latest code from repo which should fix this problem.

What changes I have to do in order to let any user to use the /home template and after the user sign in depending on it’s role the web app show him the specific functionality assigned. This is the default behavior in most of the production web apps.

Right now the fresh installation force the users to sign in before user can see something.

Adjusting middlewares is not a good idea.

if you open FrontendController @ 68, we are sending you my-account

instead of sending to my-account directly, we need to check for roles and redirect to routes accordingly

Thank you! In the JoshController @ 290 i found the ShowHome function. Do you believe that will be a good idea to copy this function to show the personalized dashboard for each user role?

I saw the graphical CRUD builder on YouTube but not in the preview. Is that part of the download now?

Hello, Yes.

Hi guys! I have installed laravel correctly on my MAMP on MAC that has this ports: – Apache 8888 I created a database “josh_bdd” and a related user “job” with password and I assigned it all privileges.

In .env file I set it: DB_HOST=localhost:8888 DB_DATABASE=job_bdd DB_USERNAME=root DB_PASSWORD=root

But when I run on terminal “php artisan migrate” nothing happens.

After many minutes it does an error [ErrorException] PDO::__construct(): MySQL server has gone away

actually i have the same probleme than one of your customers “zampadj”

i removed the port number and now i got this error : [Illuminate\Database\QueryException] SQLSTATEHY000 Connection refused (SQL: select * from information_s chema.tables where table_schema = josh_bdd and table_name = migrations)

my .env file :

PP_ENV=local APP_KEY=base64:pfbzi38Ltc7pfUDD6WywpVMTzLAYGb4lShakHADgLkM= APP_DEBUG=true APP_LOG_LEVEL=debug APP_URL=http://josh:8888/


my database.php file :

'mysql' => [
    'driver' => 'mysql',
    'host' => env('DB_HOST', ''),
    'port' => env('DB_PORT', '3306'),
    'database' => env('DB_DATABASE', 'josh_bdd'),
    'username' => env('DB_USERNAME', 'root'),
    'password' => env('DB_PASSWORD', 'root'),
    'charset' => 'utf8mb4',
    'collation' => 'utf8mb4_unicode_ci',
    'prefix' => '',
    'strict' => true,
    'engine' => null,

it says connection refused means either mysql is down or not allowing access or not reachable i.e. port problem.

are you able to install a plain laravel without any problem in your system?


I have tokenmismatch error on login page everytime. so I by pass the token but when try to login to page now it is taken me to dashboard then throw back again to login page. Please help


I guess your storage folder is not writable.

Hi Author,

Can I use this to generate crud with login screen and different access level for user for example administrator can crud the data and user can only view the data?



currently NO

admin can create crud and from admin section he can access them.

if you want user to be able to access then i guess you need to add/copy code to user section aswell

i am a novice , with the knowledge of installing script on cpanel, . if i buy this script and want to edit anything, I hope I won’t have difficulties?


this is not suitable for cpanel… as laravel and cpanel doesn’t fit nice.

you can edit anything but if you are interested in learning laravel then you can do more things easily.


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Two things.
  • One, please add me to the git repo “pixelskribe.”
  • Two, we are using “caffeinated/modules” for a large project. Any ideas about putting Josh in a module? Will it break or is it better left as in the app root?


you can register yourself at http://landing.joshadmin.com

and since that package is for creating modules i don’t think that interferes with josh in anyway so you can use it easily.

hello, can this project open using laravel 5.4? i think some feature shouldn’t work as well.. please notify me..


it should work properly.

there are some deprecated/removed methods from 5.1 to 5.4 which you can fix easily.

could you update your project to laravel version 5.4 in the future?

Hello,our project is already updated to 5.4 very long back


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Halo , how to remove php debug bar this template?

in .env, please make app_debug to false


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How to do that??? I just like this.

APP_ENV=local APP_KEY=base64:s10BdGL/vD7SleYQLGBVCTzC7Di4cjRPmNrfLKWNCq4= APP_DEBUG=true APP_LOG_LEVEL=debug APP_URL=http://localhost






Thanks a lot.


you can see APP_DEBUG=true

make it APP_DEBUG=false

then you don’t see debugbar anymore.


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Can this template more faster.? how?

look slowly than other template.

may be you should remove livicons or customize livicons to use only the icons you need.

and see if any other css/js files which you don’t need are being included and remove them.

Hi, I have a previous version installed. How can I update to the latest version? What’s the safest way to do it? You’re saying something about git. Do you need my git username so I can access a private repository?


i guess your project is hosted using git.


1. replace your repo files with our latest files

2. then using git diff (i recommend phpstorm for that) see what files are changed

3. whatever the changes you want from us, keep them

4. all others revert to your code (phpstorm has revert option)

5. then you can push code to your repo.

hope its clear.


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Change log?


its very big list…. we made 90+ commits and 108 files changed,

so i am posting them to a pastebin.


we fixed many small small UI related bugs and improved CRUD builder a bit.