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hi does this have the user role and permission


Hello, yes we use sentinel which has roles and permissions inbuilt.

can i integrate it to my existing project ? or i need to redo it

you need to copy files and may require some redoing.

Good afternoon, I would like to know if you can do the installation of the product remotely and what it cost to have. Thank you

Hi, Please contact through support system . We can reply faster. Thanks


iryston Purchased

Hello, i have send a ticket on your system, and i’m waiting u answer.

I have difficulty on install, need help, how much? if necessary

Hello, we will be answering all tickets now.



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1) Extracted codecanyon-8754542-josh-laravel-admin-template-front-end-crud.zip 2) I got (a) Laravel 5.5 fresh (b) Laravel Starter kit along with some other folders 3) My question is Where is the documentation on these two folders ? How to use use them ? Who should use them ? Require more details on using these two folders ?

Hello, you have documentation folder separately which covers all.



yashdasar Purchased

I checked there. I did find any information on mentioned folders. If you tell me the page number, it helps.


Does this have RTL Support and Angular JS support?

Unfortunately NO for both.


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Hello, first of all congrats on this item … so far seems amazing and very well done.

I needed some help with a database issue. I’m running into this error when trying to login into admin panel: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘homestead.activity_log’ doesn’t exist (SQL: insert into `activity_log` (`subject_id`, `subject_type`, `causer_id`, `causer_type`, `properties`, `description`, `log_name`, `updated_at`, `created_at`) values (1, App\User, 1, App\User, [], LoggedIn, John Doe, 2017-12-04 12:59:21, 2017-12-04 12:59:21))

Illuminate \ Database \ QueryException (42S02)

I tried execute the command “php artisan migrate” on the console but I get this:

$ php artisan migrate PHP Fatal error: Cannot declare class CreateActivityLogTable, because the name is already in use in C:\ecocam pus\database\migrations\2017_12_04_125520_create_activity_log_table.php on line 35

In 2017_12_04_125520_create_activity_log_table.php line 35:

Cannot declare class CreateActivityLogTable, because the name is already in use

I must have done something wrong cuase it seems thar there are tables missing on the DB …

Hello, please contact from support https://lorvent.ticksy.com

roda em php 7?

it works on php7 properly.


aeberling Purchased

First of all, I love this theme and toolkit. It gives me a great leg up on a new project.

I am confused about how to integrate both Josh and Spark though. I have installed spark on its own using their steps, and then added the Josh files to the Laravel installation and went through those steps. There were some conflicts in the migration since both Spark and Josh have a user table. Now Josh is working, but Spark is not.

I was going to hunt for the Spark routes that presumably got overwritten, but I wanted to see if you have a good tutorial for Josh + Spark.

Last thing – the Josh user area doesn’t seem to include the spark subscriptions.

Any input would be appreciated.

Hello, we provide only spark skin, so just the UI of spark changes and not the functionality. to use josh spark skin, Install spark and then copy the files from josh_spark file provided in the download into the spark installation. for better instructions, please follow the steps here. https://lorvent.gitbooks.io/clear/content/laravel-spark-skin/spark-installation.html Thank you.

aeberling Purchased

So Josh and Spark are not made to be used together? Again, the Users class/table seems to have conflict in particular.

yes, we just provide a skin for spark, and do not provide spark or josh php files in the skin. we only provide the views and assets for the skin. you should copy the spark skin into your spark installation, not the full josh laravel files. Thank you.