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I’m interested in this module ¿Is there any documentation included?

Yes! Very good docs, works great!

Yes, there are thorough instructions included, and I am happy to assist you with any problems you encounter installing or customizing this on your site. or

Remember, the pro version will include more themes and a custom theme uploader, which you will get for free if you purchase this before the pro version is released.

Thank you. This is an awesome module. Very customizable, different types of animation resizable content and a lot of options at the backend. Amazing customer support! :) 10/10


sorry am I blind, but is it usable for joomla 1.5 also for 2.5?

Greets Dennis

Ok I found it on your site.

Hey, at this point the module is only for 1.6+, but if you are really interested in a 1.5 version let me know and I will work on converting it.

thx but I only need it for 2.5 … purchased it allready : )

Here my statement about this module:
+ nice design and easy to edit via css
+ funktions to get the layout into right position and deside what options will be showing on frontend. Most wellcome of this “Loginlabels inside the box” : )
+ Editing all of the formlabels, also a great thing.

There are no Problems with this extension, so there will be no ‘minus’. Only things that will be preferable are listet below:
  • To setup own layouts you have to work with many overides. Better will be when every template is in its own folder and automatic publishing this template to choose in the backend options
  • I will create a german Language file for you and I think there will be more people in the future which will do so in their language too. The fixed languagestrings are editable in language file, the variable stings are coded inside the default.php. It would be perfect when every sting is editable in language file.
  • To deside whats showing on frontend “Login, Register or both” is great, but when the desition is on one of them the whole formular of the other is inside the site. E.g. U deside to only publish “Login” the Registerform is also inside, its only on display:none styled inside the default.php. I commented the whole part out, but not so firm people can’t do this easy and to put style options inside a file and not into .css direktly is not a professional solution on this.
  • Password/Username recovery is linking to the main joomla module – that is not so nice ; )

I give your module 4 Stars, its well documented and you have an eye on beautyfull coding. When you updating those points and maybe some other stuff this extension is worth 5 Stars.

I can recommend this extension to everyone which want a nice and easy to implement login module.

(I’m not payed for reviews nor a seo writer. I only give my own opinion)



p.s. there are many people, especially here in Germany, which working with joomla 1.5 now and I think it’ll take some time – maybe till ending this year and more – they are all converted to joomla 1.6+. Think about it, to reach more people ; )


Thank you very much kind sir for all your feedback. I am implementing all the points you brought up into the Pro version of this module. The Pro version will include a “blank” template so you can simply style the module using your template’s .css, and also uploading custom themes, and a skeleton example theme will be made possible.

The live preview link is down yo

Very Nice Work:)