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I’m thinking there might be some sort of problem with the Game Logic or maybe the Image IDs on the Sprite Sheet :)

I have 2 Pair, not ONE

Hi telegod,

Thanks for finding a bug. I’m fixing it now. Please send me an email and I will send you Game.m file fixed. Also I will make an upgrade to activeden.

FIXED : In Game.m go to line 398 and change following line:

for (i = 1; i<=13; i++)


for (i = 0; i<=13; i++)

I’m sending upgrade to ActiveDen

Wow…AMAZING customer service. I never seem to typically find the time to do the Ratings on the stuff that I buy but I am going to make sure I rate this sucker right now. Definitely worth the Best Rating as the value here is Off-The-Hook !! The code is very clean, organized and even commented !!

I rarely see code that compiles without any sort of Errors or Warnings (usually at least something is Deprecated command warning) but even though I JUST Updated to Xcode 4.4 (Released Today), this code compiles without any errors. It was obviously just recently written and not someone’s 3-years old crap they are trying to squeeze the last few dollars out of.

I am Very Impressed and Highly Recommend this clean code !!

I’m sorry I went straight to the bug earlier without clarifying how happy I am with the product.

Wow. This is beautiful. Good luck with sales.

updated and submitted thanks!

New version is already updated (with bug fixed)

I love this. I will purchase in the future. You wouldn’t by any chance be creating a spades game, would you? Hint. :)

I’ll think about it ;-)

Thank you! Love your work!

odd even with the fix i just got 2 pairs and it said i had one, i still win but it looks odd. also i just noticed when you lose all your money it offers to restart or sends users to your codecanyon profile. wish i saw that before i sent it to apple LOLZ . its not your fault i guess im silly/dumb… but who cares it will still sell endlessly on the apple snore. please make more games and apps I will buy all of them

Hi jedijawa, can you please send me the screenshot of wrong detecting of the cards? As about end url, you can change it to whatever you want (Game.m). If the app is still waiting for review in the appstore you can remove binary and send the new one.

I’ve just notice that you purchased the game, before CodeCanyon accepted my update. Just make sure that you have the latest version, or just check line 398 in Game.m

you should have: for (i = 0; i<=13; i++) //CORRECT

intead of for (i = 1; i<=13; i++) // NOT CORRECT

quick question …

Are the back side of the cards individual images?

I’m thinking of creating different “themed” card sets…


Yes, but all images where packed by “texture packer” to one big PNG image. So there is one big file with all gfx.

The demo site won’t load because the browser (IE 9) stopped it with a ‘reported attack page’ warning.

I’m not saying that it is, but you might want to look into why you’re getting that warning.

Hi, Yes there is some problem and I don’t know why this site is blocked. I’ve uploaded demo.swf to sendspace.com so everybiody can download SWF file and drag to the browser


Now demo is placed on Codecanyon.net server so the problem is solved :)

anyway to code a simple addon so winning is different then losing? either way it just says game over goto site or replay…id love a “you actually beat the dealer out of 1000$” lol. can it be done easily?

Yes, it can be done easily. Just send me an email and I will send you modified class later.

sent thanks

hi, I wanted to know what I have to present it to apple to change? It can change the winnings in Euros? thanks

I use texture atlases, so it won’t be simply replacing the graphics. You will have to prepare your own graphics and modify the code. If you are not a programmer it may be difficult for you.

I am a programmer, but I wanted to know if I have to create other sprite or simply replace those present (table backdrop, background music) and if the symbol dollars may be replaced with the euro. thanks

Dollar symbol is in the graphics. The graphics is in texture atlases, so you can’t just replace the graphics. You will have to create new texcture atlases.

Hi, is this a iPhone only game or universal?

Universal but not for iPhone5. It was made before iPhone5 was released.

is this compatible with newer devices like iphone 5, 5s, 5c etc? i would love to purchase if it is!

the gfx is not adjusted for iPhone5.

i do graphics, so would it just be a matter of replacing image files, or does the code need to change aswell?

unfortunately code should be changed as well


How much will it cost for you to help me customise the images and upload it into Google Play and itunes?

Please send me an email.

I can’t send you an email (you’re not an autor), but for sure you can send an email to me.

is it 64 bit?