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Hi! I dont understand, what’s mean “Restrict to fixed Country”?, im from Argentina its possible to indexed jobs argentina by category/keyword? Regards.

Yes, from Argentina so it will only look in that country

is it possible to limit the search (from the back end) for only a specific company. I would consider adding this to a company website.

You can trigger a pre-defined search “” It’s not really company search but it search through the results. The Indeed API does not support company search

Will this work in Pakistan? And if then how? I am quite interested in such a plugin…..........

Although on the Demo when i put “Manager” and “Karachi” there are No Search Results.

I’ve just chnaged the default country in settings and results are fine

Installing Plugin from uploaded file: Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Installing Plugin from uploaded file: Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

novice user like ME!

I have sent you an email with Screen Shots for guidance at Please check the email and advice.

Vidal Your Support is VERY Slow and Pathetic. I have wasted enough time in figuring out: how to install the Plugin- I have purchased more than a dozen plugins in here but have NOT Wasted Time in figuring out how to install the Plugin. You have failed to facilitate me. You should have provided a detailed tutorial. I have tried to install it through CPanel- which only excepts the ZipFile or the wpjobplug (php)- I am still to figure out: which wpjobplugin DIR you are referring. Since it is PAID Plugin it is YOUR responsibility to provide the complete tutorial and support. So assist me asap with complete details- OKAY

Thanks for your email. The Plugin has installed; however, due to my lack of knowledge I am not able to make it functional despite putting in my API data. In this regard, I will be sending you a detailed email for your guidance and advice. Hopefully the plugin start performing the desired functions. Once everything start functioning properly then will be Reviewing the Plugin and hopefully would be giving a 5 Star Review- so that a potential buyer has more confidence in making a purchase decision of your plugin.

The Job Plugin is already installed and working. I have already sent you the link with the password and you have replied to that as well on the email. If Real Estate Plugin is a Standalone PHP Script then this means that it could not be installed on my Domain which already have so many other Plugins. Since I can create unlimited Sub-Domains so if I can create a Sub-Domain then would it be possible to make it work.

Ok happy that you managed to install the Job Plugin :) Yes the Real Estate script could be installed on a subdomain, I think that is the best way to go!

I have already received an email from Vidal de Wit <> regarding Job Plugin. Please check your email. I have highlighted a few points, which you may address- if possible. As regards, Real Estate Plugin, is it possible if I give you my CPanel then you can create a subdomain and install the Real Estate Plugin? Please advice.

your demo site is not working. is there a particular reason for this? I just want to be sure before I buy to make sure this won’t be broken from the start

The menu is custom…I use ubermenu plugin. I will send you login details in a moment via the contact form.

details sent.

thx, I will check it.

Vidal : how can more than one country be shown simultaneously? I intend to show UK, UAE and Germany simultaneously. I don’t think so it is possible.

As with any script there is no option to search in multiple countries simultaneously. What I can try to add in the next version is a country dropdown select on the search form.

Hi, I bought your plugin and installed on my site.

1) First question I have is – is it possible to allow a user to search for jobs in more than just one country? currently it seems the plugin just restricts to one country. My website is global so I want users to have that choice.

2) My second query is more of an issue. please visit my site here: and you will see that when you search for a job – the results distort my site menu. do you know what’s causing this?

Replied above.

Hi I sent you a message

Replied months ago. Is everything running fine now?

hay I recently started job site can i use this plugin in another page i want to buy this plugin….can you check my site …plz check and comment

Sure you can. Just activate the plugin, at the shortcode to a page and your done!

hay I recently started job site can i use this plugin in another page i want to buy this plugin….can you check my site …plz check and comment

Hi, yes, you can include this plugin in any Wordpress site.

very great job, nicely done ! i wish you big sales

Hi Vidal

Pre-sale question compare to your php script job search aggregator

1. Is your plugin support shortcode for fixed country ? So, i can create some pages exclusive for each country. Example: only show jobs in us or only show jobs in id by using plugin page to subdomain. I know i can trick it by GET URL &q=&l=us or GET URL &q=&l=id. But shortcode is easier.

2. Why your plugin only support indeed ? How about careerjet, careerbuilder, monster, etc. Your php script support them. Are you will add them for next update ?

3. All jobs insert to db or not ?

4. Your script need cronjob to update or not ?

Hi, At the moment it is one global setting for the country. But We will add this option with a shortcode to get another country. Yes that trick is indeed a good one. Well it’s the first version, so we can extend it with more sources in the future too. The jobs are not stored in the DB, it’s pulls the live from the API. No cron needed.

Hi Vidal, I have a pre-sale questions. 1. would i be able to place jobs/job search in a sidebar on my wp site? 2. when a page loads does the plugin produce jobs automatically within my geo-location (ip location) or does it produce jobs from various location, example : Texas, California, Indiana all on the same page load. I would like the plugin to detect the visitor location and produce the jobs within the geo-location of the visitor. 3. I read that this plugin was last updated in Dec 2015, is this plugin consistent with the latest policy updates of

thank you