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I am contacting you concerning the script “Jobs Management”.

Here are few details I need to find out. 1. Password reset option for users. I can not find it, I guess you didn’t implement it.

2. It would be good if Candidates could add Photos such as Profile photo and full body photo.

3. Company Logo. Please note that Images and logos are very important aspects.

4. Please provide docs for theme support.

5. Terms and conditions Link at the registration page points to ”#” from where to implement it?

Thank you and waiting for your reply.


1. For password reset I have this link : domain.com/recover
2. Change the upload directory permissions to 777
3. I don’t have a documentation for the theme, I’m not selling a theme, just a php script.
4. You can edit system/language/english/en.php and add your link.



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Changing directory to 777 doesn’t helps I am unable to upload company profile photo, nor user images.

Could you please double check the current version of the script?

Thank you.

Set 777 for : /uploads/candidate and /uploads/company.
Also, if you can’t fix it, send me a message via my codecanyon profile with your website url + ftp account. Also, send me a testing account.


hello, please help

the script not working except the home page , other links like: admin, or other links not working please check: http://prntscr.com/dtffd3, http://prntscr.com/dtfgw1

Send me a message via my codecanyon profile and I’ll try to help.


hello there i could not install it at all , it is not working on all the links , it needs your support via team viewer. please give a time when possible

Does this support loading jobs via XML feed?

hi sir. my site is www.yeniisbul.com. I added an example job post to the website (http://www.yeniisbul.com/bilgisayar-internet) But job listings are not open. Does not accept turkish characters ( ş ü ö İ ğ ı ç ) cpanel account www.yeniisbul.com:2083 yeniis password: ysn51016

Could it be this instead example: http://www.yeniisbul.com/job/site-editörü-araniyor-1 http://www.yeniisbul.com/isilani/site-editörü-araniyor-1

Send me a ftp account via my codecanyon profile to take a look.


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Hello Marian, how are you? I’m having issues with installing the script to another directory. Take a look at this. Say my website name is example.com which has its own pages already but I want to add the jobsportal so I will like to access it from example.com/jobsportal.

define(‘DOMAIN_NAME’, ‘example.com/jobsportal’);

define(‘HTTP_MASTER’, ‘https://www.'.DOMAIN_NAME.'/'); define(‘ADMIN_DIR/’, ’/mng/’);

This was the config I did but I only have the home page of the jobs management working.. any other link becomes broken, returns error. How must I go about it?

I hope you understand my question. I don’t want to upload to the root directory but to another folder in the root. please use an example to explain so I can follow. Thanks

Marian I solved the DIR issue, thanks.

I have a new problem, can I use the table names with a prefix?, where do I have to config this?, thank you


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I set 777 permission on windows xampp server share everyone fullcontrol

on uploads/ candidate company folders

uploaded photos this folders but not show as profile changed on profile image link and uploaded photo

but now show

hello .. I would like to know does it support RTL? thanks

Hi I have purchased your 4 product business directory, Jobs management , compile grid cms and superlist wordpress theme. i m getting issue in Jobs management , compilegrid cms. m getting 404 page not found error if i click any link in it. and in jobs management m not able to login with default username and password. i think its htaccess issue. i have uploaded it again but issue it still there. please help me to resolve my issue. www.kuching.get2my.info (wordpress link superlist theme) www.kuching.get2my.info/jobs/ (jobs management link) www.kuching.get2my.info/business-directory (business directory link)

your demo does not open …


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I just moved the code to a new server and I’m having problems with special characters, I guess I’m missing something in my configuration, do you have any clue on how I can fix it?