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Hi, can I use this script with PHP 7 ?

Hello Marcello_L

Yes 100%, our demo server is also using PHP 7.

It’s really good to see that people are using updated versions of PHP.

Kind regards,
Abhimanyu Sharma.

Item looks perfect however I need the ability to add Free posts and Paid job posts. Perhaps even different types of paid posts. eg one is 50 USD and is pinned to the top for X days.

Does this theme also have mailchimp integration?

Can users also give posts an expiry date?

Hi, any updates in near future?

Ohhh man, to install this you need to know a lot of things

Visit yoursite.com/install and run the installer. Where is the installer????!!!

Hello geotectives

No worries, we have your back.

Have you tried


Please note that script is built on laravel framework so installation is based on that.

You can send me an email and we will provide support with 100% installation. :)

Let us know.
Kind Regards,
Abhimanyu Sharma


Kiraken Purchased

Hello, great work on this project. Tried to set it up, but i got an internal error. Followed everything to the letter. Is there anything i’m missing? Here’s the link http://eliteware.co/118/public/

Hello Kiraken

Looks like it’s because you’re Apache settings.

Can you open .htaccess file and update

RewriteRule ^ index.php [L]


RewriteRule ^ /index.php [L]

Please contact us via email if it is not still resolved. Happy to help you out.



Kiraken Purchased

Didn’t work. Emailing you the credentials of the server, so you can take a look. Thanks in advance.

Hi again. I admin area, i can´t delete or approve a user. Did it in MySQL admin…

Also, it seems that usernames are ONLY valid small characters….

Got all update files. However, now after config the .env file for SMPT -settings, it does not work…

Works now :)

Hi again, where to put my own metatags?

Good job

Can you import jobs from other sites?

Hello trappat

Sorry, you can’t import jobs.



When are you going to update this?

Hello ibietela

We have already pushed to updates to envato queue.
They will approve it by Monday :)

Kind regards,
Abhimanyu Sharma

What is changelog for new update?

Any way to have submit multiple job listings? Whats in the changelog

You lied about updates

Hello abhimanyu003, can you tell us if there are a new update of this item? Thanks

we didn’t get any response form you about the date of the new update!!

Hi, is there any update coming soon?

can i edit the source code?

Hello, does your script also have such features as here in this script ?? *(https://codecanyon.net/item/korgar-responsive-hr-vacancies-web-platform/20509958)

I was about to buy but this looks like an abandonned project. No update since 2016. Do something about it?

demo not working


Venewood Purchased

i uninstall script from my ex website, and now wants to use in the new website, but installer not work. (previous: empleneur.com, new: mexono.com)