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Great Job!

Is there any chance you can aggregate jobs using a RSS feed? That will be awesome.

Hi, we’ll put it in the future update. Please stay tuned.

Great! any estimated time for the release date?

Sorry, no estimate date yet. :)

I saw the demo and not seo friendly. Duplicate description on all pages.

We’ll improve it the next release. Play stay tuned.


spham Purchased

hi, what about v2.3 for codecanyon buyer ?

Hi, I already submitted the file yesterday. It is still pending review. They’ll notified it once approved.

Does this support loading jobs via XML feed?

Hi, currently no, it will be available in next release.

I saw the mention of a company profile and notice it was never added, what would be the cost of adding a simple box with say 500 character limit for ‘About Company’?

Hi, cost for adding about company page with it’s own manage company page module is only USD39. Anyway, if you can wait, we will make it available 2-3 weeks time.

That’s great, I would be happy to wait two weeks if you will be adding it anyway?

Hi, we’ve just release version 3.0 which include about company in job details page. You can see a sample here >>

Please how can I set up job categories from the admin? Thanks

Ok. I have seen the job categories. I also saw submit resume. I will test run it. Does the update include job seeker signup and login?

Hi, jobs seeker signup and login is not included. We’ll include it in the next upgrade but no target date yet.

Hi, happy to inform you that jobs seeker login will be included in the next upgrade. ETA 1-2 weeks. Please stay tuned…

Thanks for the update. Yes, it will be nice to have job seekers registration and login. Also I noticed that job categories SEO meta-tags are missing. That also needs to be fixed.

One question? Are you going to include rss feed in the coming release? I don’t mean rss Aggregator. I mean Jobs Board Pro rss feed ? Thanks,

Hi, actually not sure since we need to finish some items first. If it does not take long time, we’ll try to include it.



Any feed and xml support? also how to remove paypal payment?

when will feed and xml feature be available?

any new update?


ckkam Purchased

I have a pre-order question:

I would like to propose a few designs to my client, do you have other theme demo that I can refer to. May be a theme I can purchase from after I brought this application

Hi, currently we only have one design. We’ll consider it in our next features.

hello, liked your product, pre-buying question, when candidates fill the apply now form, whom the query notify admin or the listed company ?

Hi, thank you for your interest in our product. Regarding your question, when a candidate fill the apply now form, the system will notify the listed company.

i have doubt before purchasing it possible to chase the design by us. in the setting currency changing option is available ?

Hi, currently need to change it manually in codes. We’ll add the currency changing option in control panel in the future.

is it based on any framework?

Hi, it is based on CakePHP framework

Hello, can I know the framework version ?

Hi, it used CakePHP version 2.9.1.


Error: [MissingHelperException] Helper class SummernoteHelper could not be found.

and Request URL: /admin/payments Stack Trace: #0 [internal function]: App::load(‘PaypalHelper’)

Error: [ParseError] syntax error, unexpected 'new' (T_NEW)

any fix for this ?

.git inside summernote helper, is this right ? as sub module ? this won’t work during the git clone process.

Also, Error: [MissingControllerException] Controller class CssController could not be found. Exception Attributes: array ( ‘class’ => ‘CssController’, ‘plugin’ => ‘Summernote’,

) Request URL: /summernote/css/Summernote.css

when submitting a register. :(

Hi, we will check it asap in 24-48 hrs. Thank you.