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Is it possible to add subdomain support to your script for an additional fee? For example or


By default, the script support multi-countries URL system for SEO. To activate the script for all countries you can enable the multi-country feature ( ).

The script doesn’t support to use one sub-domain per country.

We can add the sub-domain support for each country for an additional fee. Please use this form for all customization requests:

Kind Regards

6 days past and still no answer on my customization request.


We replied on February 10th. Please check your inbox and the list of your junk mails.



edievoid Purchased

Hello, I have problems with the search filters, looking for published days, job type and by salary range when selecting any of these options sends me to error 404


This kind of problem is often linked to the translation of the website.
Please create a ticket for that:


Where is ad expiry date (custom expiry date)? Can I add custom fields to show with each job? Subscription module? rss feeds?

- For free ads, the expiration date is 30 days - For premium ads, the expiration date is that of the chosen package (you can change this date from your admin panel) - The script doesn’t support custom fields - The script doesn’t support subscription module - The script doesn’t support rss feeds

In my country a lot of fraud vacancies kerja.Jadi legality of data companies need to be investigated properly. And the results of the review JobClass still many shortcomings.You need to learn one of the largest Jobs

Input from me to JobClass more helpful and much in demand:

1.Employer registration form needs to be completed:   - Company name   - Company’s address   - Company Phone Number   - Company Business Lines   - Company Description   - Company Logo   - Company Website (if any)

2.One company can have more than one User / recruitment officer. Sub officer Employer registered by the registering first.   - Email   - name   - Position   3.At high tide vacancies Company name does not need to fill in manually.   But by default already exists, the appropriate company name when registering.

4.When post job openings Company logo does not need to be filled manually.   But by default already exists, the appropriate logo when registering.

5.Date start running and closing a job (using datepicker do not fill the manual).

6.Fasilitas rich editor on the job description and the job description edit page

7.Facilities menu applicant data on account Employer.

8.Facilities autocomplete categories and sub categories of job advertisements

9.Add sub-categories of job

10.Facilities Website blog post.

11. The payment system is based on the package.    Example:    - Package Unlimited Job Posting 1 Year $ 100    - Package Unlimited Job Posting 6 Months $ 50    - Package Unlimited Job Posting 3 Months $ 20    - Package Unlimited Job Posting 2 Months $ 10    - Free Package 1 Jobs 7 days

  Premium account or deposit system Employer.   Example:   - Deposit $ 100   - Each ad cut $ 2

Payment confirmation 12.Fasilitas Package / Deposit

13.Sistem Automatic Counting Package or Deposition Advertising Jobs.

is there a way to add a blog to this? Would really like to buy this.

The script does not have a blog system.

Hi! Nice script! Does it come with demo data included? Regards.



Only categories, and country data (simplemaps SVG maps, Geonames cities and administratives divisions) are included.

Ads, Users, etc. are not include.



Lesducs Purchased

Hello, if I buy it is what you install it?

If I buy, will I receive version 1.7 or 1.8?

The v1.8 coming soon.

Please use our new forum community for your requests:



rzessski Purchased

hey, every minutes in log i have message:

Command "ads:clear" is not defined.
Did you mean one of these?


Please use our new forum:


URL bloqueada: This redirect failed because the redirect URI is not whitelisted in the app’s Client OAuth Settings. Make sure Client and Web OAuth Login are on and add all your app domains as Valid OAuth Redirect URIs.

I try all alternatives that you explain here:

Please tell me how to fix this.

Hello @RamiroMSanchez,

This error message informs you that you have forgotten an important parameter when setting up your Facebook application.

Please follow the documentation: and



Note: Please use our support forum : for your next requests. Thanks.

Good afternoon! I just made the purchase of the script, I would like a manual how to configure the scripts to work with SSL. Thanks in advance for the great product!


You can configure the script to work with SSL by following this link:

Kind Regards.

Note: Please use our support forum: for support request. Thanks.

Hello, I have a question: When I open the contact page, a map appears on the top, but the city that shows on the map on the CONTACT page is not correct with the city of the site’s headquarters. How do I change the city that appears on the map of the Contact tab?

Resolved, thanks.

And how to upgrade to 1.8? My system is already running, I do not want to remove it from the air because I’ve made some modifications.

Resolved, thanks.


kayetanus Purchased

I have Jobclass version 1.5. And I already have the data in version 1.5.

If I reinstall using Jobclass version 1.8, how meinginport data from version 1.5 to 1.8. What should I do.

Can you please add an option at the Homepage to show the ‘Latest Jobs’ in a grid view? Also add an option, so that admin can set the number of Latest Jobs. Plz have a look:


kayetanus Purchased

Sorry I can not download version 1.8. Please check, it seems corupt 1.8 file.


kayetanus Purchased

Sorry, it was my computer network that bermasalah.Jobclass version 1.8 already can be downloaded.


Bought this script 3 days ago and still haven’t been able to install it. Support is non-existent. I posted on the support forums when I purchased it and nobody has replied.

I feel like I’ve been scammed.