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Feature Requests Development Jobclass:

In our country many fraudulent ads. There have been many victims of job advertisements. And we sincerely hope jobclass help us. Here are our suggestions for the development jobclass:

1. The reserves the right to advertise a job is the Company. Individuals should not.

2.Employer = Companies not individuals.

3.Employer registration page have facilitated the following points:   - Company name   - Company Phone Number   - Company’s address   - Company Logo (Logo that will appear in job advertisements)   - Number of employees   - Company Description   - Type of business

4.Employer can add Team / Officer in order to receive the application information via email and through the website jobclass.   The following form to add a team / officer   - Email   - Password   His team can assign / change job advertisements.

5.On page posting job advertisements: Logo, Company Name, and email automatic taken from company data when registering as an Employer

6.On when installing job advertisements, no need to fill the following data:   - Company name   - Company Description   - Company Email

  Due to the above data is taken from the third session data Employer. The contents should not be manual.

7.Start ads may not be the content of the manual. But using a calendar or datepicker component.

8.Add closing date job advertisements (using the calendar or datepicker. Not to be the contents of the manual).

9.Add Applicants registering page.   Include the Employer account page.

10.Add Sub Category.

11.Category and Sub Category must use autocomplit. In order to facilitate Employer and Job Seekers.

12.Add Features Blog for Admin. Useful to post articles related to the job.

13.For suggested adding types of payment systems Bank Transfer. Because my country does not use paypall.    And add Ads Payment confirmation page.

14.Paket:    Free Package (only served 7 days).    Paid Package: Using Deposit System.    For example Deposits $ 100-> And each ad is displayed automatically cut $ 1    

15.Add Input Keyword Website

16. Title websites, website Keyword and Description Website using the multi language.


Feel free to share with us your ideas here: Share an Idea !

Thank you.

can’t install, i don’t have install folder on my zip


There is no “install” folder. The installation is managed by the controller ”/app/http/Controllers/InstallController.php”

And before installing the script, you need to make sure you have the components bellow enable on your server:
PHP 5.6.4 or greater (with PHP exec function, etc.)
OpenSSL PHP Extension
PDO PHP Extension
Mbstring PHP Extension
Tokenizer PHP Extension
XML PHP Extension
GD or Imagick
PHP Fileinfo extension
PHP Zip Archive
Rewrite Module (Apache or Nginx)

Please find more information about the installation in the downloaded package files at ”/documentation/index.html” or check ou our online documentation at:

Please use our Support Forums to get more answers about the advices:



ibietela Purchased


I will be doing most of the posting myself, i was hoping there is an option where i can include a link or an email to apply for the job in the employee site or recruiter site.

This works as i want, however i need to add the company and email first, there is an option to tell the user how to apply and also an option to upload CV.

if this is not possible can you please approve my refund request?



The script doesn’t support this feature. And we cannot refund you on this basis!

Feel free to share with us your ideas here: Share an Idea !



ibietela Purchased

I have done that i don’t think such features will be implemented on time.

I look forward to the new update! Great support and script! Thank you!

Thank you! The new update coming soon!

can use api careerjet or other for this web to search jobs?

i think you must make fiturs for when expired job and when the post jobs will be deleted automatic..


The script does not have api careerjet or other…

There are an automatic script that archive and delete the job ads after expiration date etc.