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one suggestion… kindly add featured job after make payment…

Sure we’ll add. Thank you

Unable to access an error message corresponding to your field name Verification code.(check_captcha) Message even when the code is correct?

Thanks now 2 more issue. 1 > i provided smtp detail but mail is not going from smtp 2 > In admin panel “manage menu” is not working

Again thanks in advance

Menu option is under progress, in next release we’ll implement dynamic menus. Regard SMTP emails, our team will check and get back to you. Thanks

still waiting to your team for smtp problem

how can i change system email id

Thank you, then waiting for your 5 star :)

off course I will submit 5 stars… one more help I needed. 1 > I want to remove compulsory to not compulsory in this sign-up page means I want to make landline field optional

It seems that you have changed your server credentials. Our team cannot login to it.

Hello Author, Do you have any admin demo link to check admin functionality?

Dear mohdsameer, Admin demo is not available. you can check the item description with complete list of admin functions.

Getting this error when fresh install: ERROR Query #227 of install.sql: Invalid default value for ‘dated’

Solved myself.

Hello – I have made a couple of comments but still haven’t managed to get your script working. Im sure its something I am doing wrong. I keep getting 404 errors?

I think I have emailed you….

Thank you – what about the Unable to access an error message corresponding to your field name Verification code.(check_captcha) error when an employer signs up

I have changed the file permission to 777 and still not working?

Dear ellwood, employer signup page is working fine now. thank you

I want to post job as admin please tell how to do this currently the only employer can post job and apply button shows and i want to show contact details in job description only because every day i will be posting around 20 jobs and i cant create 20 employer ids thats quite time waste job

we alredy reply you if you see above comments.

i have sent you 2 more emails check again

I need modification on script.

Hey Author ..Great Job ..updating constantly .. But Would love to see PayPal to charge “Job Provider’ – Subscribtion to membership to website a posting Jobs online for a ‘COST $$$ ” ( USD ,AUD, ..etc. )

Regards CharlesDom

Hi Charles, You will get those functionalities in coming updates soon. Thank you :)

I received emai that there is a update but how to do it?

Hi , there occurs a captcha error for employer_signup . i tried with same jobseeker signup but there was no issue in it .

Unable to access an error message corresponding to your field name Verification code.(check_captcha)

Hi, Please download our latest update. It will work fine. Thanks

I have purchased .i am currently working with localhost. can u please tell me how to set admin username and password for admin panel.

I recently purchased jobportal. i have hosted in localhost what username and password should be used to login admin. how can i set it? how can i set admin username and password.I tried with admin username and password form admin table but it didnot worked.

When you set up job portal it has installer which will configure your admin username, password and database configuration.

I have already configured my database during setup but forgot to configure admin,password if i do this now, is there any loss of data in my database

You can run installer directly

Hello, does your script also have such features as here in this script ?? *(

Change Log 21 September 2017 is ok. What about 23rd Sep 2017 Change Log? Or this is date issue while updating the change log…Please check.

What about the following features: 1. Consultancy Company browse and buy a resumes from the Admin. Admin can enable the packages like Silver Package: DOWNLOAD 1000 RESUMES and Validity is 1 Month, Gold Package Download 2500 Resumes and Validity 6months…etc

2. While uploading the profile completion percentage needs to show. Ex: Educational information completed then 25% Profile Completed. Skills and Professional completions: 50% completed…etc

Thank You

Hi, Thank you for your suggestions. We’ll be introducing a payment functionality soon.

Hello, we have a problem with the application, and it is missing two tables when you enter the module (Manage Menus) in the backend of the administrator, the tables are called: tbl_page_menu and tbl_page_menu_pages. On the other hand, please tell me which version of MySQL do you recommend to have for application use?

Hi, Manage Menu is our upcoming functionality for admin users. Right now it is in development mode. We recommend PHP 7.1 and MySQL 5.5 but you can also use PHP 5.6 or later and MySQL 5.3 or later.

Hi – I get a 404 Page Not Found

The page you requested was not found.

When trying to edit a posted job?

Please share your website URL. And also have to checked your .htaccess file?

I have emailed you regarding the site URL. Also where can you edit the URL that the site creates a job (want to take out the company who has posted it)

Dear Author,

I couldn’t able to install jobportal. Database has been created, jobportal web not installed. When I run “http://localhost/jobportal”

I have got following error http://localhost/jobportal/jpinstaller/index.php ERROR Query #227 of install.sql: Invalid default value for ‘dated’

I have followed these instruction

Localhost only: create a new folder in the htdocs folder for Xampp (www folder for Wamp). Example: jobportal

Created like 1. “C:\wamp\www\httdocs” 2. 1. “C:\wamp\www\httdocs\jobportal”

Unpack all files and folders of the Package file and copy into this newly created folder ( www folder for Wamp)

Please help immediately

Very urgent.

Thanks, Swami

dear you are not following proper steps. you have to pub jobportal files in www folder.
1 unzip download folder.
2. create a new folder jobportal in www folder and paste files which are located in jobportal folder.
3. now access the folder in browser and follow the instructions.


I have followed the above steps. and installing in my local machine only.

Query #227 of install.sql: Invalid default value for ‘dated’ CREATE TABLE `tbl_seeker_applied_for_job` ( `dated` datetime NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘0000-00-00 00:00:00’,


But again I got below issue in SQL.

Tables were created, but procedures doesn’t created it seems. Database installation failed in install.sql:

Thanks, Swami


codegurru Author Team

Hi, ca we have your server credentials? Our team will check and fix it for you.

I have purchased the item and uploaded the fresh script. The whole site works fine apart from the 404 error that happens.

404 Page Not Found

The page you requested was not found.

I have waited nearly a week now and no response?

Thank you in advance.

please share your cpanel along with your issue in detail.

I have emailed you again with the details.

Still no response for this issue? I have sent my login details for ftp to your email.

if i buy this software will you help in installation

yes sure we will, but we hope that you will not face any issue while installing.