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can we fetch famous websites jobs to this script …with API integration because lot of job posting is time consuming i want to do it automatic like currently i m using wordpress plugin which fetches job automatcally saves lot of time,,if this possible i will buy this script

Thank you ! one more question once a job is fetched from indeed can this script post to fb page automatcally?

right now there is no such functionality but you can customize the code to do this.

can you help to code ? because i do not know much but if you guide i will do that

Please solve the pagination issue , any idea on how to change the controller / view to fix it?


Please check my website

Invitation is not going. Its says.

Error while sending email.

Hi, can you give me the username & Password for testing?

Please let me know this job code has payment gateway integration, how much cost for developer license

Can I have demo login to check features what you are giving

I am waiting for your reply


phyoaung Purchased

How to solve it?

A Database Error Occurred

Error Number: 1305

PROCEDURE phyoaung_jobs_m9elephants.get_opened_jobs_home_page does not exist

CALL get_opened_jobs_home_page(0,20)

Filename: /home3/phyoaung/public_html/

Line Number: 258

please upload database properly, this error is because you didn’t upload database properly.

Please let me know this job code has payment gateway integration

no payment gateways integrated now.


xe789 Purchased

I used Navicat but still get this error: CREATE PROCEDURE `ft_job_search_filter_3`(IN param_city VARCHAR , param_company_slug VARCHAR , param_title VARCHAR , from_limit INT , to_limit INT ) BEGIN SELECT pj.ID, pj.job_title, pj.job_slug, pj.employer_ID, pj.company_ID, pj.job_description,, pj.dated, pj.last_date, pj.is_featured, pj.sts, pc.company_name, pc.company_logo, pc.company_slug, MATCH AGAINST AS score FROM pp_post_jobs pj INNER JOIN pp_companies pc ON pc.ID = pj.company_ID WHERE (pj.job_title like CONCAT(“ ”,param_title,” “) OR pj.job_description like CONCAT(“ ”,param_title,” “) OR pj.required_skills like CONCAT(“ ”,param_title,” “)) AND pc.company_slug = param_company_slug AND = param_city AND pj.sts = ‘active’ AND pc.sts = ‘active’

ORDER BY score DESC LIMIT from_limit, to_limit; END 1064 – You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘from_limit, to_limit; END’ at line 10 Time: 0.023s


xe789 Purchased

any updates on this?


xe789 Purchased

Can u give me the money back because the support is terrible

Hi, sorry for the delay reply because i was away due to some family problem, first thing is that item support is not included installation, I was checking the details you send I was unable to upload database through ftp. you have to provide cpanel details

HI! Please let me know if i want customization and installation service then how much would be extra

Hi, charges are depends on requirements.

I just installed and homepage is ok , but all links send me and /admin shows me 500 error , Help needed ? urgent?

you have to change base url in .htaccess file

Hello there,

I am interesting in buying your plug in for our new website. I have several questions to ask first to make sure that it is what we need:

- We already have a template for our website, so this is just a plug in that we can simply add to our Wordpress template? - Regarding the job search, is it possible to add another category such as languages required for the job? - Concerning the job description, is it possible to modify the template and add/remove parts (job description, skills required, map etc…)?

- Is it possible for a job seeker to apply without having an account registered on the website?

Thanks a lot for your answer,

Kind regards,

Approach People team


yesterday i bought your job portal and installed it as per directions, now i cannot access the following

Admin Login to post jobs links not working

can you please have a look at

Hi, please update base url in .htaccess file which is located on main root.

When is the new release and what features will be there? ANy plans for the ANDROID APP for the job seekers? Can you think about selling the resumes to the consultancy users? Or a user type is Consultancy who can search resumes and download the profiles and they will pay to the Admin through a packages…Feature we call it as Resume Database Selling

Здравствуйте. У нас биржа фриланса и есть раздел вакансии. Мы осуществляем выгрузку в популярных xml форматах. Есть ли возможность добавить поддержку загрузки наших вакансий? Примеры файлов экспорта


crkdinesh Purchased

Hi, I had some questions, ie, When a job seeker enters in to a job post, he cannot able to see the email id and contact number of Employer, before and after login, is that a special feature on this script,

if i need that particular option, what i have to do?

looking for your support.

Hello, Want to know the cost with Installation services.

installation charges are $20