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dear author please kindly check .. my website links are not working 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

you have to update .htaccess file

Kindly do help me.. And I have sent my cpanel details to you check it

you issue was fixed and I sent you email as well

Hello, i want to change the title bar words “CityName Search Job in USA” change to other country when i search by cities when i open link TOP Cities.

How can i ?

you change it in view folder files

can I have admin access to test before order

Where do I get the BD?

You have to install and give you own db info it will install Database auto into your created DB

job location on map not working can you tell me where to change default map location?


I would like to see the admin panel for the job portal. Also, I want to ask if it support RTL theme.

Thanks in advance.

Hi we can’t provide admin access fro some security reason you can see screenshots, its not supported RTL


I am trying to set it up on my local pc but the pages are returning 404 but when i append index.php on the url it works just fine.

Kindly help.

put your localhost folder name in fron of this value: RewriteBase /FOLDERNAME

Dear Author,

The folder name in my localhost is ‘jp’.

I have tried the following but i still get a 404 error on all the pages.

RewriteBase /jp RewriteBase /http://localhost/jp

I have also enabled the rewrite mode on my pc but still getting a 404 , but when I add index.php on the links it works just fine.

Kindly assist…

Hi i think you didn’t install properly, make sure all information are right

Please help after the installation links are broken everywhere and site is not showing properly…


mkun Purchased

Hello, please help and have not get any responds from you. I am still unable to edit my posting jobs…

i was on holiadays, i will fix your issue. is the previous hosting same or changed?


mkun Purchased

Nothing is changed. Please let me know if this issues fixed.


I purchased job portal today , i am unable to download the files after loading the page its showing below message

This site can’t be reached The connection was reset. Try:

Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall Running Windows Network Diagnostics ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

Purchase Code : 9c9d141a-1ef7-43ba-b854-0e9f64b83909 Date of Purchase : 23 Mar 2018

Please send me another link or send me the rar file to my register mail id.

Thanks Giri

Hi, you can only download files from your profile, go to downloads and there you can download files.


jobank Purchased


I installed job portal, but when i click in any link, It’s empty.

please support me


please update .htaccess file and it will be fixed


simsys Purchased

Dear Support,

I have configured your job portal application to .

this site admin panel responsive view not work properly. please check and update this site admin username : ceo and password : admin123

Thanks, M.Senthil

Hey, There All Team/Founder/Member,

First of all, I would like to say that you people are amazing who made such an amazing script. My question will be long and I need your complete answer because I’m not going to make any typical website or something like that. I’m from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. People love to make job website but they never do any work because of competitions. Anyway…

Modern Style like (gulftalent or I’m gonna make website first for UAE & then for worldwide. It will be free of cost for user and employee. I will not charge them for anything. I will generate money from Google Adsense and online paid advertiser.

Please get my email address after these questions below and reply to me asap. I have seen your admin panel and used your script as job seeker / job employer.

I need Employer Features for script

1 Company Profile 2 Manage Jobs 3 Search Job Seekers 4 Transaction History 5 Resume alert for posted job response 6 Support From Admin/Web Team 7 CV database (on packages) restricted with months or total downloads 8 downloads history how many resumes they’ve downloaded 9 manage applications 10 filters for resume 11 filters for candidates 12 Active, Non-Active, Shortlisted, Not selected, 13 an email system for them 14 chat option within the admin or job seeker, 15 SMS option for an employer to send to the job seeker (optional) 16 Print the resume from job seekers

Job Seeker Features

1 post jobs 2 manage applied jobs 3 Active or inactive jobs 4 Build a professional online CV with builder/resume generator 5 filter for job seeker for employers posted job 6 Receive relevant job alerts by email & (SMS) is optional 7 download cv which made from the website or owns 8 extract the information from uploaded cv to the user profile

Note: I need fast response and I’m 100% willing to pay just tell me the whole timeline and your final price to my email or here as you like.


Demo username, password are missing