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Good job bro. GLWS

Nice work, GLWS! :)

I want to subscribe to many RSS and make it public, is that possible or only through login?

Here is how to do that in less than 1 minute. Open file jobs.php and rename it to something like jobs_public.php.

Then, you just need to make three small changes. One change is just commenting out a block of text while the other two are slight tweaks to mySQL queries.

Here are the changes.

Near Lines 5-12

Change From: if (is_numeric($blogger_id) && $blogger_login == $mylogin && $blogger_password == $mypassword) { } else { echo "You are not logged in. Please <a href="\"login.php\"">login!</a>"; echo ""; include("footer.php"); exit(); }
Change To: /* if (is_numeric($blogger_id) && $blogger_login == $mylogin && $blogger_password == $mypassword) { } else { echo "You are not logged in. Please <a href="\"login.php\"">login!</a>"; echo ""; include("footer.php"); exit(); } */
Near line 90

Change From: $command = "SELECT DISTINCT id, url FROM urls WHERE enabled='1' AND user_id ='{$_SESSION['my_blogger_id']}'";
Change To: $command = "SELECT DISTINCT id, url FROM urls WHERE enabled='1' ";
Near line 138

Change From: $command = "SELECT DISTINCT id, source_url FROM contacted where source_url IN ('$url') AND user_id='{$_SESSION['my_blogger_id']}' ";
Change To: $command = "SELECT DISTINCT id, source_url FROM contacted where source_url IN ('$url')";

Purchased it and its great. two questions: Where is the index page design and content coming from – I can’t find where to change the Job Hunter in the center of the menu before I login – I have changed the logo once you log in but before it is complicated and not working – I want to change up the jumbotron too. Where are these files content?

Second question – Can I add any craigslist url? or monster indeed ect. ? yous speficies rss feeds

can I add in for example?

Thanks and very complete. Well done and a killer deal for the price.

five stars : )

The menu files are header_edit.php and

Near line 140, you can change ‘Job Hunter’
This file contains the menu for authenticated and unauthenticated views.

Lines 4 and 24 are where the authenticated menu starts and finishes.

Lines 29-38 are for unauthenticated views.

You can add any Craigslist url, and those others that you mentioned too. The RSS feed for is

Love this. Needed to make public as well but didn’t find the area you mentioned for line 138. I guess you updated the SQL code in the latest version of the script!

The code has not changed. But, keep in mind that the line numbers could be a little off; depending on editor and text wrapping.

But, the good news is that there is only one instance of each code that will be changed. You can do a simple find and then make the changes. Always keep a backup in case something goes wrong.

Hope that helps.

I edited the file as directed. All of my database information is displaying in a white space above the home page. I am not able to log in as admin. Any suggestions?

Did you follow the instructions step by step?

Often, a some small issue or miscommunication could set the problem back. It is easiest if you send me an email I can look at the files on the server.

I’m having trouble with Indeed and CareerBuilder. Can you guide me in the right direction to get these two RSS feeds to pop up?
The Indeed and Careerbuilder are based on using their APIs. The code will make an array of the listings like the demo when you do that. You can sign up for free to use the API.

Here are the supported sources:

Indeed Publisher API

Carrebuilder APIs

The APIs in the demo come from these sources. As you can see, it works and shows listings from Careebuilder and Indeed using the APIs.

Hope that helps.



DataTables warning (table id= ‘example’): Rquested unknown parameter ‘2’ from the data source for row 240


Like I said in last message, here are supported sources:

Career Jet will be added in a new version. However, if you can code, you can add it to the tmp-xml/customs.php file like it had been done for Indeed and carrerbuilder.

Thanks. How can I pass parameters to city, state, country, in add feed?

Each source will have its own ways of doing this.

Hi! I have two questions. 1- How do I remove the “contacted | remove” button? 2- Does this web app supports search per location?

Can open the css and display that class to none. Or, you could look for the code and use style=”display:none” Your feeds can be from any location. It will combine them.

does this support affiliate features of indeed , can i enter my pub id ?

does it support any other affiliate program for jobs ?

It can aggregate feeds from various sources.


my jobhunter not work

It seems to be missing tables in the database and always sends me: You are not logged in. Please login!

You need to set up the database. Please read documentation too.

  1. How many rss feeds can this handle?
  2. Are rss feeds stored in DB or grabbed at time of search?
  3. Any encrypted files?
  4. We would adapt Sphinx to index for search, so the first two questions are important.

1. Add as many as you want. 2. Grabbed each search. 3. No

Does this support loading jobs via XML feed?

Hello can I have someone post jobs as well and possibly add paypal for job providers?

No. This script is just to get an edge for finding jobs, gig, etc.

I’m interested in your job script because it pulls jobs from Indeed and Simply Hired. Are you interested in doing any custom work? I’d like to buy your script and have you setup a a default page that showcases all jobs from multiple sources that contain the word “Internships”. Even if someone searches for a job, they have to explicitly “uncheck” a box that says INTERNSHIP (presumably next to the search box) if they wanted a non intern role. That’s it. Interested?

Very busy and cannot even think of extra tasks until late June.

I’m looking to get this set up before my support period ends. I really miss yahoo pipes and found this to be the only alternative vs on the fly RSS feeds in Inoreader. However, I was having trouble getting it to work when i purchased the product. Is the author available to answer support questions?

What is the problem?

how do you create an account. all i see is (after successful automatic install) a login page with Username, Password, but any combination I try doesn’t work. Is there a way to set this?

I found it. admin, admin for those wondering

Hello, i can’t login to demo site. I want to buy but cant see all features of script. Please help me and send valid demo

It is back up. I had just installed my new ssl certificate.

Yes, but login username and password are incorrect. I can’t login with username admin and password admin. Can you help?

Worked for me.