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Hello. where we can see the whole news or announcements added from the web site. there is a page about it.

It’s not developed, but i will add a page template on next update

Hi Rzaman

I just bought this job board script and on the front of it its great, however a few of the menu items point to a directory called “Content” and i don’t have this as part of the file uploads on my server ??

I’ve done everything as per the instructions but still getting 404 errors like the examples below http://localhost/jb/browse-categories.php

I can’t make out where i’m going wrong ?? Any ideas?

Would you be willing to install for a price? via paypal ??


Gerry Sharpe

I ask some question. How are we hide menu resume and keep open only employer and search?

I was browsing employer section and seeker section demo. It seems few features do not work. For example: when I want to download a resume, it gives a blank window. Can you guarantee all the features in the system works perfectly fine?

Hello rzaman, I purchased this job board but login and registration functionality are not working. Contact form isn’t working too kindly help.

Is your system completely bug free? I see some comments complaining about having a lots of bugs.

I have purchased the script but having some errors after installing.

I am interested, but why are jobseekers resumes free to be viewd by any one on the internet?. You could add viewing jobseeker resume/cv as part of paid packages which employers can pay for. Not many jobseekers want their resume/cv to be readily visible to just anyone on the internet, resume/cv access must be restricted.

bad quality product , have many bug , don’t buy this

hey guy !, I would like a refund for my purchased, this system not working for me

Hello i just purchase this theme a couple of days ago, so far the front end looks great but the back end i am having some issue with. when i login to my admin panel all the links to the website are there, but when i click on any of the links not is showing. the admin page is completely blank except for the text links. can you please send me some details on how to fix this issue? thanks

Hello its me again, i just went through the entire website and i have noticed a lot bugs and errors that needs to be fix. error #1. there’s no pages for employers to post a job #2. no pages for job seeker/ candidates to post a resume. #3 the website is not redirecting anyone after you register and the information is not registering on admin. I would like a refund for my purchased, this will cost me to much time and money.

Is it used any framework?

After I checked several pages are not found such contact, browse categories and etc

Hi Rzaman,

I hope you are well.

I have just recently purchased your Job Board product and given to the developer. The developer is requesting a refund because there are a number of bugs with the product. The bugs are as follows:

1. Signup, login doesn’t work 2. Doesn’t work with PHP v7.+ 3. Posting job doesn’t work 4. Applying to jobs has bugs 5. Overall, the whole codebase has a lot of bugs.

Can you please issue a refund for this product?

Thank you, John

Hi, I am looking to buy job portal script I just have 2 question 1. when seeker applies for job, does email gets sent to employer email? 2. If admin can post all the jobs without creating employer profiles including employer details and when seeker applies on any of these job email should get send to employer email id containing all the seeker details?

Hi – I have emailed your previously about a refund because your product is not working as advertised.

Please issue the refund ASAP. Please confirm that you have received this and that you have issued the refund.

Thanks, John

I have followed all the instructions as per the install file but I have a blank admin screen. I have all the options on the left but every click just seems to refresh the page

Hi, intending to purchase but wanna ask if you offer installation support? if do, what are the procedures to it?

In Addition will be better if you add template color chooser, template designer or sell themes separately as you have the theme chooser options in the admin panel so your customers websites do look same

Hi, i hope you got my message regarding set up?