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Hello. where we can see the whole news or announcements added from the web site. there is a page about it.

It’s not developed, but i will add a page template on next update

Hi Rzaman

I just bought this job board script and on the front of it its great, however a few of the menu items point to a directory called “Content” and i don’t have this as part of the file uploads on my server ??

I’ve done everything as per the instructions but still getting 404 errors like the examples below http://sitemanagerjobs.co.uk/content/browse-jobs/ http://localhost/jb/browse-categories.php

I can’t make out where i’m going wrong ?? Any ideas?

Would you be willing to install for a price? via paypal ??


Gerry Sharpe

I ask some question. How are we hide menu resume and keep open only employer and search?

I was browsing employer section and seeker section demo. It seems few features do not work. For example: when I want to download a resume, it gives a blank window. Can you guarantee all the features in the system works perfectly fine?

Hello rzaman, I purchased this job board but login and registration functionality are not working. Contact form isn’t working too kindly help.