JM Survey & Quiz for WordPress

JM Survey & Quiz for WordPress

Create beautiful surveys, quizzes, price calculators, contact forms, registration forms, WooCommerce product recommendations and more with JM Survey & Quiz.


  • Easily create multi-step-surveys or quizzes
  • Create unlimited answers to your questions
  • Redirect the users depending on quiz score results
  • Possibility to use image answers instead of plain text
  • Add images per Questions
  • Can also be used to recommend WooCommerce Products
  • Beautiful HTML5 animations
  • Can also be used to create registration forms
  • Map answers to user meta fields and display them in the user profile
  • Over 20 easing options for the animations
  • Create multiple surveys by categorizing them
  • Can also be used as a Widget in the sidebar or in the footer
  • Show survey results with beautiful charts in the backend and frontend
  • 5 different chart types: Bar, Horizontal Bar, Pie, Doughnut, and Polar Area
  • Customizable colors and texts – almost everything can be adjusted to your needs
  • Shortcode generator to create multiple surveys with different styles
  • Easily translatable
  • Show quiz results after completing a quiz
  • Skip questions based on preceding answers
  • Searchable Logs to see which answers a user selected in a survey
  • Sort answers via Drag & Drop
  • Checkboxes (select multiple), Radio Buttons (select single) and text fields
  • Restrict voting to logged in Users
  • Option to allow only one vote per IP
  • Option to auto advance to next question for radio buttons
  • Download data as CSV file
  • Receive Email notifications when a new vote is received
  • Documentation is included in the documentation-folder or available on
  • You can get quick support via our Support Form at