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can the script handle high volume traffic – say like 100k or more.

ok – what if my trafficis more than 30k – will there be any problem.

i mean simultaneous chats are more than 30k

You can use websocket benchmark client to check it.

Demo not working. Demo for admin?


Could you please check below servers:

United States 1: Backend: https://us1.jiveim.com. Widget: https://us1.jiveim.com/widget/

United States 2: Backend: https://us2.jiveim.com. Widget: https://us2.jiveim.com/widget/

Note: Username: admin. Password: 123456.

So i purchaed your chat. Have some trouble with coding stetting up.

How do we set up on JiveIm on PHP server. I have already installed you can reference URL http://seojargon.com/chat-online/webroot/#/

Is JDK/JRE necessary to work JiveIM? If so how do we do with PHP

can you please provide me your email

Please send mail to us admin@haciko.com or admin@jiveim.com

We still don’t see any email from you to above mails

Hi. I purchased “JiveIM Live Chat Support” and I have a shared host. I don’t know how to install this on my host and your tutorial on doc and on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfPGBOafgSM is not for me. Please help me

I requested.


I accepted your request. Please waiting for the process from Codecanyon.

How to install on Cpanel VPS server. Need your assistance as there is no guide for cpanel based installation…

6ebc204b-148e-40a5-8bcd-2aa8584671b0 – 14 Jun 2016

We have not even used our license as you installation process is so complex and no user guide is available for Cpanel installation.and now you want us to pay more for both just to get your product installed and buy separate license per domain. However on your page at http://codecanyon.net/item/jiveim-live-chat-support/13734022?s_rank=14 its clearly given CROSS-DOMAIN supported. And no refn of additional license is posted there.

Now if i have to buy additional license for each of our domain then whats the use and difference in your live chat and other live chat software available at cheaper rate and with just 3 simple step installation process…

I think your product doesnot meet our business requirement hence need to raise request for refund as we couldn’t even get it installed and your support response is completely disappointing.

About installation guide. You can check sections: Documents or Videos in http://codecanyon.net/item/jiveim-live-chat-support/13734022.

JiveIM don’t have any related with Cpanel. To install and use JiveIM, you just follow some steps in https://doc.jiveim.com/install/ or 3 videos https://jiveim.com/.

About CROSS-DOMAIN supported it means JiveIM was developed to help the manager use the same instance server (JiveIM) but can manage chats on multi-domain.

Example: If you have 3 websites. And 2 supporters. If some system only supports a domain. You must have 3 separated chat instance servers and repeat some action likes creating operator/agent,..... in those chat instance servers. JiveIM supports your business easier by grouping into one.

About license JiveIM per domain because you can not purchase a JiveIM app. But you can deploy multi-client, website from the copy.

Hi. I am interested in a purchase. Is the only way to access the operator chat panel though the website or do you have a standalone program i can run off my desktop instead of having the webpage open?

We still not support Desktop App, Mobile yet


I have setup JIVEIm on my server. When i run start.sh file java process start working .

Now i can even able to access url :

But when i click on sigin button nothing happens no error message not even page go forward.

When i see in console the error message is

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) 5socket.io.min.js:2 WebSocket connection to ‘ws://localhost:9091/chat/?EIO=3&transport=websocket’ failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

Here Server login details.

Username : root Password : Please ask me in email IP : SSH connection. Server running on Ubuntu OS .

Please switch to user : jiveim

You can find files in home folder of jiveim.

My purchase code : 9f5abc92-db5e-4a06-bc43-83258b167130 – 4 Sep 2016 TOOLS LICENSE

Please help me fix this.

Thank you


I checked and fixed it. Please check your App.


Hi Haciko,

Could you please what is issue thr. Because it again stopped working after i added nginx layer. Facing same issue. If you please tell then it will help for future.

Thank you


Please follow this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wD76rdC-nc to integrate with Nginx


Hello author,

1) Can you tell me how to remove Powered by JiveIM in the chat widget footer ?

2) how to see from which page the user is chatting ?

3) How to delete the chat history from admin ?

4) How to disable Export Transcript from the options in chat widget.

5) How to send a message to my visitor before they buzz me ?

Please help me with this. thanks in advance.

hello haciko. i am waiting for the update you said the next releas 1.8.3 is on september 30 2016. still waiting


Sorry because delay the release. It will be release in next 3 days. We get some problems. So, need to test again.

Note: I just correct the next release is 1.7. Not 1.8.



Sorry because delay the release. It will be release in next 3 days. We get some problems. So, need to test again.

Note: I just correct the next release is 1.7. Not 1.8.


Why only admin is able to login. I have created new user but not able to login through new user. Only admin login works. How can i remove admin user.


You can not remove admin user. Could you send me private message about your admin account to check?


Thanks for your contact. We double check the system and see that we got the issue don’t remove the session key for the latest user perform logout action (We will fix it on next Release). But If login with the other user it works normally. Please check the video https://youtu.be/vcBoVL2gM9Y

Let we know if you get any proplems.


I downloaded the new version to update already running jiveim instance on my server. To update to latest version i renamed old version files and copied kin-persistence.properties, kin-common.properties,app.properties from old version to new version and started new version application. Application started and i can login to backend. But chat code is not working.. I added code to site but nothing happens. Please check here is url : http://koops1.asia/#/login

Please check configuration files again. Because version 1.7 have some new properties

As version 1.7 use new DB structure. So, You should reinstall database again.

Dear Brother, I am not understand what wrong with your script. Noting working. Do you have any skype ID so that i can chat with you. Please do the need ful.

or do you provide installation support into linode serve ?

Please send me to me vohuynhvinh@gmail.com. We can discuss deeper.

hello brother, i have sent you hangout request

hello brother, in my admin -> History. there is nothing showing. how to see the chat history of my operators.

do you offer an installation service? if so, please advise cost. Thanks

Please contact me via email vohuynhvinh@gmail.com.

Hello. I like your product (JiveIM Chat ). After purchase, will I get open source? How to turn off visitor avatars? Thank you

Thanks for your attention. JiveIM Chat was sold as an application license. You don’t have the source code. About Avatar, we will support you change it. You can contact direct to me vohuynhvinh@gmail.com.

any file upload options ?


Uploading is the next features. We will upgrade soon. But you have 6 months support to get new updating.


if i purchase , is this remove [ Powered by JiveIM ]

Yes, you can remove it.

Goodnight, haciko.

(I speak only Spanish and translate with Google translator.)

I could not install jiveim-live-chat-support.

I have a dedicated server and I want to install the program or script in a domain of my own, could you explain what the steps are?

I already have a database prepared, once installed jiveim-live-chat-support, for me it will be very easy to work, what I just need is to install it.

Thank you very much for your help and I look forward to your response.

Héctor Leiva. ########################################################

Buenas noches haciko

(Hablo solamente español y traduzco con Google traductor.)

No pude instalar jiveim-live-chat-support.

Tengo un servidor dedicado y quiero instalar el programa o script en un dominio propio, me podría explicar cuáles son los pasos a seguir?

Ya tengo una base de datos preparada, una vez instalado jiveim-live-chat-support, para mi será muy fácil trabajar, lo que necesito solamente es instalarlo.

Agradezco mucho su ayuda y quedo a la espera de su respuesta.

Héctor Leiva.

Please send credentials to my email.

Username and password for my domain?

Ready send an email to ‘vohuynhvinh@gmail.com


ebe01 Purchased


I am not really technical but i can install scripts easily and perfectly…..

i have gone through the supporting doc…. thats not really simple…. could you please reply me with the simple inmsturctions also amend your doc section as well,.,...

Awaiting your response Cheers

You need a VPS. Please view this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCt_oDkAY4U


ebe01 Purchased

How much you would charge if i request to get this installed for me? and definitely i’ll be buying VPS


Please contact me directly vohuynhvinh@gmail.com