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Discussion on Jigsaw Puzzle

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hello, first, Does this app needs internet to work or download pictures? second, Is there admin panel or data base for uploading new pictures? third , how to update pictues if there isn’t admin panel or database? forth, how json work? fifth, could you increase cuuting parts to more than that?

Hi Kropion, 1. Both, if you use JSON version then no need for Internet otherwise internet but once cache then no need. Only new images once downloaded then no more internet required. 2. No admin panel required. 3. Simply drop images in desired folder. you can also increase categories as per your choice. 4. JSON (Javascript Object Notation) is simply handling the folder and files located in galleries categories. So whatever the folder name and inside files you have to manually open JSON file in text editor and modify it as per your choice. 5. The application automatically calculate all posible row x col combintations and show it in list then you have to choose from any combination. I personally set this logic because if you manually set the row x col combination then the jigsaw shapes sometime looks odd.The standard jigsaw looks best in square dimension.

How can I make it work on touch screen?

It’s allready made for any device. On codecanyon live preview it works on mobile smoothly.

It does not work for touch screen windows computers. It is necessary to have a mouse connected and use it to work.

Hi, This doesn’t support touch functionality? We are trying to run touch screen but it doesn’t work. Any possible solution, This is bit urgent. We are in live event.


This is Nikhil, We have just purchased a license.

We have a event day after tomorrow. And i would really need your support in some customisation.

We would like two changes:- 1) Setting page to be hidden/removed 2) Selection of image page should only show some 5-6 images, should not show any category.

I’m running the latest version of chrome on windows 10. I extracted the files went to the folder jason version and opened index.html. The wood background appears with the heading and nothing else. What is the problem?

seen great demo. may I know some detail before order? 1. which frame work do you use? 2. can I add more images? 3. I saw php based, does this need a back end server? hosting images 4. since it’s html5 based. could I package it into ios and android app simply. with wich tool?

thank you.

why do you not respond to my support request?

I’m enjoying the script thus far but I’m having an issue getting it to split into more than 8 puzzle pieces when using the code you provided above. What would I need to do to force this to load the butterfly puzzle into say 64 pieces?

//Direct Play Code screenSplash.visible = false; gameBox.visible = true; settings.pic = "assets/galleries/Animals/butterfly.jpg"; var img = new Image(); selectedPic = settings.pic; img.onload = function (e) { onImageLoaded(e); settings.sizeIndex = 8; createJigsawPuzzle(); } img.src = selectedPic; //End of Direct Play Code

there is a method shuffle() in jigsaw.js, you can handle through it.

Hi whitecider, I wrote the script to compute sizes that maintain shapes properly. So there is no such option to manually set 64 pieces.

For your second request the solution is you have to first find the container in which the image appear. Set its visibility to false and once the throw event trigger set its visibility to true.

I need to add google adsense code so ads load. What would you charge for this change?

Hi, great game man!! I have a doubt about the background, how i can remove the image on the background of the game?

I’m changed for only one image in my game, followed for the question of the jennieross and your answer.

Link of the image example:

inside images folder there is an image “wood3.jpg” simply replace this by any other

Hold on my support question.

problem with:to customize it by eliminating the start screen selections and image selections and having it land on the splash screen, load, and then go directly to the puzzle play area FOUND ANSWER:In main.js go to line number 275 and add the belowcodes under loadAssets(); loadAssets is not on line 275 only see “dim”: “0 0 56 68 22 34”

b22953c5-9adb-4db9-8414-55888b6608e3 – 29 Dec 2020 REGULAR LICENSE

Hi Mubashir,

This game is lovely. We bought this game and we are facing an issue. When we use drop inside feature, always we get white space with the created pieces. This happens for the left most and right most pieces.

We understand the aspect ratios are not fitting for the pieces.

Is there a way to avoid the white patch on left and right most pieces.

Please help.

Great, You got all options here. I prefer to change the jigsaw piece dimension. If its not square, its all right. Can you please help me with that. I am trying it so hard and spent a lot of time in doing the same. Please help me this. Thank you

Hi Mubashir, Many Happy new year to you.

Please let me know if resizing the piece shapes to cover the white space is possible to fix. Please help.

Thank you

Hi Mubashir, Any idea on resizing the pieces to avoid white space.

And is there a way I can improve the bevel effect on image pieces.

Hi can I ask whats new in updates ?

Now the update version has two sets of one is the old one that load the gallery via php and the other one that loads the gallery via json. As some buyers request that they are unable to load the gallery through php. I don’t know why they were facing this issue although I have thoroughly checked and it’s working perfectly in my server. The version are named as “php version” and “json version”


I am writing again to request your assistance with getting a version of this game without the PHP dependency. Please let me know when we can start this work under my purchased extended license or I will request a refund of the game, as it doesn’t work on our system at this time. Thank you for your time.

-Kingdom Scene Endeavors

Hi Mubashir, We have not received your emails yet, which is troubling. I will see if I can request the reviewer to speed up the process. Thanks!

Mubashir, great news! Your updated files were just approved in Envato Market, and the json version of your game works in our systems! Thank you for your amazing work on this, I’m sure many people will be happy with the extra version you made. Great job!

Hi Kingdomscene!
Vote Me Please

Nice Work,Congratulations!!!

Hi Mubashir,

We have just purchased this game and are experiencing difficulties with getting it to run on our setup. It appears that the php file for the categories is generating a 405 “method not allowed” error, which might come from Nginx. Is there a way to make a workaround for this method? If it helps, we won’t need to allow the player to upload their own pictures, just use the ones in your folders. Please let us know a workaround for this problem as soon as possible. Thank you!

-Kingdom Scene

To clarify, we would like a version of the game without a php file and instead using a GET js method to create the menus for choosing the jigsaw puzzle picture. Thanks!

Hello, we’re getting an error resulting from the dir.php file. It is “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 405 (Not Allowed)” directing to the dir.php file. Could you supply any help with this? We are running the game in an iframe like we do for all of our other HTML5 games. Would there be a way to circumvent this problem?

Hello dear,

We bought your puzzle and we need to do minor customization as follows: The workflow of the puzzle we want is much simpler than yours: 1- User opens web link 2- we load 4 random puzzles for him from our server (server will have 28 puzzles) 3- All puzzles will be rectangular, 15 pieces

We tried to work on the code but it keeps giving errors when we load it, please advise what to do

Awaiting your response.

Hi ramizananiri, Actually this game is designed by keeping all possible options while playing games, but if you want to modify then it is possible but you have to extract specific code to fulfill your requirements. Start from createJigsawPuzzle function in jigsaw.js This is the entry point to create a puzzle. But you have to set some variable values before executing this function.

Puchase-Code from codecanyon: 9ea1d3e4-3666-4ed9-bc25-e2653968276b start of the program is ok, only when I click on the “done” button does the program hang. Following is the console log with the error messages: Uncaught TypeError:Cannot read property ‘split’ of undefined draw.js183 at getShapes (draw.js:183) at createPiece (jigsaw.js:201) at createJigsawPuzzle (jigsaw.js:184) at listActions (main.js:579) at HTMLLIElement.onclick ((index):1) What is to do? Please solve the problem. thanks

this is the installation Link, so you can test the error

Hi bernhard-gaul, Do you know javascript? You have to first figure out whether variable shp has some values or not. You have to back track from shp to track from where the value are missing.

this is the installation link: (also above shown). Can you do this and tell me, what is do do?


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