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great job mate . good luck

thanks scheme-studios

once after I buy this game do I need to create jigsaw images and put it in the project folder or can I just place the images directly?

you need to create jigsaw images, if you want to reskin game/the jigsaw images you can contact me at masfran@hodiau.com


nice work … the interstitial ads don’t work ? can u fix that ?

it’s work fine here, maybe there no ads to show in your country? any more details that why it don’t work will be apreciate, thanks

the item contains only the documentation where is the code?

hi, @rraymond91 i am trying to contact the support, the last time i update the documentation and it look like i forgot to add the source code. I will update this soon. Thanks

Hi Raymond91, It has been updated, now you can download it here. Thanks

Great game, awesome support. Thanks masfran

Congratulations! ;)