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I have some question

1.Can i change size of jigsaw ? such as 4 12 16 etc. 2.How to create jigsaw ? 3.Can build by intelxdk ? 4.Can support ios ?

i’m sorry, i can’t make like this

The 30 pic jigsaw code that you send to me if i set like ss it should be lock, right

but it not lock what i do wrong


if you ‘ve deleted/cleared the WebStorage? thanks & regards

How can I integrate this with wordpress? Can you help me with that? I’ll $$$

are you mean include in wp post or page?

just upload your game (html5) into your hosting/server, and call it using “iframe”. ex: <iframe src=”http://Your Domain/jigsaw/index.html” width=”1280” height=”720”></iframe>

Hi, how difficult is to add more images to the puzzle?

Hi, i have another question, the cocoon version, does have the ads plugin? I can´t found a guide on your zip file on how to configure the ads on cocoon… sorry i haven´t open C2 for a long time!

you’re welcome :-)

Ive received an email saying that the game got an update, could you tell me the things that changed?

easy to add or remove puzzle/images. fix bug

Im compiling on cocoon with webview engine, but i get a Black screen on iOS, it only works with canvas+ engine the problem with that is the size of ipa file

How, How easy can I replace the images?

just change/replace image frame on contruct 2, include documentation (tutorial) on package

Can I reskin and sell on app store?

yes, you can

Is it possible to make the image of the puzzle dynamic, in a way that you can pass the image link in the query string, and use that image for the puzzle?

Hello, do you have the apk file for the games, can three or more type of game be compile together in one app? , thanks

i don’t have apk file now, but i tested it using cocoon.io and work fine. i’m sorry, i don’t know what you mean.

Ok, is cocoon.io like Google play store?, also can i compile more than one game to one app?

cocoon.io is a compiler/builder (like Android Studio), Construct 2 can’t export to android officialy. You can only make 1 game title/end game if purchase regular license.

I need apk demo, before buy

There is no apk demo