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Oops! Just saw the answer to my WP question in a previous post. I suppose you would then hyperlink to the puzzle from a WP page or post. Where would photos then be stored for the puzzle? In the same folder as the puzzle?



Yes, the photos are stored within a directory that is in the same place the puzzle is located. Thanks!

I’ve loaded a new default image.

By default there is a total of 15 pieces, though I would like to get it down to 6. Where in the php file would I make this update?


On line 419 of index.php, it pushes the properties to piece.php. You should be able to alter the columns and rows there.

Hey, The script works fine normally. But breaks under https. I even tried using it in an secure iframe calling it in normal http, but even that fails. You can see what I’m saying by checking out Link

I’m not sure, but I’ll look into it. It likely has something to do with your server settings and the PHP file that generates the pieces.

Hey melancton, It would be great if you could let me know why its happening. Cause needed to deliver this to the client and usually never run into a problem like this. We tested everything and it was perfect. But the moment we ran it over SSL this start happening.

I believe it’s because the script relies on requiring another page for each puzzle piece. SSL sees this as a possible risk and blocks the pieces and possibly sections of the Javascript in an iframe. Simply put, the game requires things that are seen as a risk. It is unplayable with SSL at the moment.

I need an iphone app like this. Can you create one?

Not easily, no. There is no simple solution for that. But if you email with the details I can give you a quote for the work.

Very nice code and a nice addition to our website (5*). It is very easy to set up. I would love to see this updated with the ability to use a touch screen.

Hello. Is it necessary to enter a Purchase Code in somewhere in a script?

Is it responsive?

Does this work with Tablets/Phones?

Yes and some.

Hi when puzzle solved, a popup appears for submitting your name , after submitting the player name , its not updated the scorelist, even I tested on above please check and resolve.

Could I change the original size of the default picture? There´s a maximun picture size? Thanks.

Yes, you can change the original size of the default picture to be whatever you want.

Hello there,

Is it possible to restrict puzzle pieces within a certain area? Furthermore, is it possible for the pieces to not overlap each other?

Thank you in advance!

Yes, you can put the game in an iframe. And no, the pieces have to overlap. Thanks!

thanks for your response!

Sorry to bother you again and again, but there is really a problem when submitting the score in some or all levels!

Hi, does the script works in IE?

Yes, IE9 is too low.

Can you fix for lower version?

There are currently no plans to support old versions of IE.


Some pre-sales questions:

Does this work without internet connection? I’m looking into having a game at my exhibition booth.

Is there a way to make the scoreboard show more scores? I also need to reset the scores every day but I don’t see an option in the interface to do it.

I’m not a developer, so I’m not familiar with scripts. My knowledge is only HTML and CSS. Please advise if the above are possible for lay people like me.

Thank you for your time.


No, it will not work without internet connection. The scoreboard doesn’t show more scores naturally, but you can make it do that if you know Javascript. Thanks!

Can you make a Facebook login for it? I will buy when you add it :)

Sorry, there are currently no plans for any integration with Facebook.

Hi, I try to “play” on tablet but pieces are not moving! I’am doing something wrong? Works fine on PC browser but fail on Android. Thanks!

Sorry, at the moment the Jigsaw Puzzle Creator does not work with touch screens.

Hello. Is there a way to embed the puzzle into a PHP page, so it has the website navigation etc?

You could try just using an iframe.

Hiya, where do I find that?

It’s just a normal HTML tag that will embed one page within another.

Hi. I need to turn off user uploads through this script. It caused my website to be hacked. Users can upload malicious code. I emailed the author a few months ago, but have not received a response. The code is very good otherwise for an html website.

I love this script but i realy wish to work on touch screen 80% of traffic is from touchscreen these days. Please find a solution. Thanks

Please tell me How can I add my Adsense code and How it look like . Please share with me some example, Then I will buy this script.

Also please tell me is it work in subfolder.


Hi, Is the bug in Internet explorer fixed?