Jigsaw Master - HTML5-based Puzzle Game with Admob Ads

Jigsaw Master - HTML5-based Puzzle Game with Admob Ads

Jigsaw master is a HTML5-based puzzle game. As puzzle game, it is basically arranging separated pieces of image to form a whole picture.

Using Jigsaw Master game template, you can make hybrid Jigsaw Puzzle game easily. No programming knowledge needed to modify this games, you can to add and change your own picture and sound easily.

Jigsaw puzzle games are highly popular in the App Store/Play Store and drive lots of downloads

The game comes with ready AdMob to start making money right away. You just need to enter your Admob Ads ID.

This game is developed using Construct 2 game engine. You need Construct 2 pro/paid version to modify this game. In case of replacing image with new one, known as reskin, it can be easily done using edit or replace images in HTML5 Folder.

Not only HTML5 (browser), this game can be exported to different platforms including Android, IOS, Windows Phone, Tizen, Facebook, Mac, PC, etc. Construct 2 is needed for this process.

This game is responsive. It adjusts to different sizes of display screen. By default, responsive feature is inactivated. You can activate this feature using Construct 2. However, it won’t be real time responsive. This game will adjust to display screen when it is first opened or when the browser reloaded.


Demo/Live Preview (HTML5): Portrait (Responsive) using “Menu 1” (Swipe up/down), suitable for smartphone platforms such as Android, IOS, Windows Phone,etc Landscape, using “Menu 2” (Swipe left/right)
Demo Android (Apk) with AdMob ads (banner and interstitial): Compile using (Android ARM only) (Android x86 only)

  • Made with Construct 2
  • Include capx file (portrait and landscape)
  • Easy to change piece 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 and more
  • Admob ads integrated
  • Ready export to Android and IOS using CocoonIO or IntelXDK
  • Cross platfrom (hybrid)
  • Easy to play interface
  • Game themes (background)
  • Touch and mouse supported
  • Easy to customize
  • HD 720×1280 & 1280×720
  • Responsive
  • Include documentation


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