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It didn’t. http://ricaespiritu.com/updating-my-portfolio/

Which was why I wanted to know how and where can I change the config for it.

seriously, I love the gallery and it is easy to use. I just need to know that it can adapt to the images – specially if the actual images have different sizes.

Hello Your plugin does not work. http://marketing4p.ru/hudogestv/ Please help me fix it. Sorry for my english. Translate by Google

I looked at your site and it appears to be working, what’s the issue?

The CSS styling will be up to you to fix, as theme customization is not part of our support nor expectation.


hi, will it be able using a shorten permalink link instead of the long url for every images as well.



I’m sorry, I don’t understand your question.

Hi, I can upload multiple files at once to a gallery? best regards



Hi, I cannot get the image upload to work with Internet Explorer. It simply shows the animated icon and does nothing. I have tested it with Firefox, Chrome, etc, and they all work fine. I’ve also tried disabling all other plugins, but it’s still the same.

I’ve tried both IE9 and IE8 and they are exactly the same.

Have you replicated the issue on our live demo?

No, on my own server. Can I log into the demo site?

Hi, I like this and want to purchase. Can the plugin show latest galleries first instead of alphabetical order? and Can the timing of the thumbnails flashing be changed?


The timing can be changed if you know javascript !

Hi, I’m having the same problem as described by jay2dab1987, where the image upload function is not working. It worked for a few weeks after install, but now images fail to upload.

here’s the site: http://yvonnegaudet.com/portfolio-gallery/

I can pm you login info if you need it.

Very cool plugin by the way!


Well it seems odd if it works for a few weeks, then fails randomly. The plugin code didn’t change, so I’m not sure I can help!

I know… It is odd. Not sure if it has to do with the latest Wordpress updates or something else. Either way, it’s not working, and this was purchased just a few weeks ago. I tried disabling other plugins and changing chmod of the gallery directory – it’s not a permissions issue. Can you please take a look and see what is causing this. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated!

Hello. I Love this plugin, but am having 2 problems:

1. I want to have 5 columns, and not just 3. How do I change this?

2. When I click on a gallery I created on the FRONT END of the site to view the pictures in the gallery, all of the pictures are FULL SIZE, instead of being a thumbnail. How do I fix this?

If both of these issues are fixed, then this would be one of the best gallery plugins available for wordpress.

Please help me if you can.


hi guys, sorry, where is the shortcode??

i can’t add the gallery to a post or pages.

thanksssss V.

jigowatt_gallery with braces (Envato removes those from comments)

the plugin works fine but i have a few questions…... is it possible to show some short description of the image in gallery (for example at the bottom/right side from the image)?

is it possible the ‘Item description box of an image in the gallery’ to show not in a model window. To show by default without a click

Only 9 galleries are showing up in my portfolio but I have more than 9 created. Do you know what could be wrong? I tried to change the columns to 4 instead of three but that doesn’t make the other galleries show up. What can I do so the other galleries show up on my page? (right now it’s three columns and three rows)

Thank you

Hi there, We can only help confirmed buyers (you need to use the account your purchased it with) :/

Hello. I have purchased but I still can’t get any help???


The post was 4 months ago. Create a new comment for it please.

Thanks, Luke.

How can I create as many galleries on my site as I need? Right now it will only show 9 galleries and I need more than 9 to show up.

Thank you.

Does anyone else know how to use the shortcode attributes? I’m trying to increase the total displayed galleries from 9 to 15.

do_shortcode( "[jigowatt_gallery columns="6"]" 
receives a syntax error each time

Where are you putting this?

Hello! Great Plugin :)

But I have some problems:

1. I wanna add few albums on different pages, but unfortunetly, when i use this codes all albums appear at the page.

[jigowatt_gallery name="name1"][jigowatt_gallery name="name2"]


[jigowatt_gallery name="name1,name2"]

2. Second, If i click on album it send me to top of page and i must scroll down to view. Can gallery could open in the same place?

My page if you need : http://renocolor.pl/uslugi-lakierowania/

Best regards

Hi, I’d like to display all galleries but one. Is there a way to use the slug shortcode to NOT include a particular gallery?

Thank you!