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Hi there, First congratulations for your great design plugin. Before buying, i wanted to know if we could customize to any product we want (e.g. cups, mugs, bags…) ? Thanks for your feedback and keep the good work !

Thank you so much for loving our work. Yes, the product images are completely dynamic and managed from your admin panel. So, you can upload your own bag’s or any other product’s image instead of T-shirts for customization :)

Hi, can you set it to restrict the image size on the shirt? I can only print 12in x 19in on a t-shirt.


Actually, you can mention that as a message at the product details. But yet, we have not implemented such restriction there.

Hi After I tried similar plugin for OpenCart I saw that you have this one for Wordpress so I have questions about it:

1. How is this customizable regarding pricing. I mean, price must be the same no matter how many text, text color or what font is used or this can be managed somehow ?

2. Is there backend that we can see (admin pages) ?

3. What fonts can be used, only default available in Wordpress or maybe Google fonts ?

4. Can this frontend be translated into another language , is there a file which can translated or any other way ?

5. Are there any email templates

6. What is pricing management like (taxes, shipping cost, etc.)


1. Yes, Same additional price for customization. 2. You can check the user manual for Admin pages. 3. You can upload your own fonts. 4. Most of the texts of the front end can be set from the admin panel. So, you can set those texts with your own language. http://solvercircle.com/docs/jigoshop-custom-t-shirt-designer/#admin_features 5. Your woocommerce email is used. So, no template needed here. 6. Tax, shipping, etc all these are handled by the jigoshop or woocomerce, our module does not care about the default features.

Is it possible to set up your plug in with request for quote feature. Instead of the customer purchasing the designed product I would like for them to be able to submit their design so that I can review it and provide them with a custom quote.

We can perform custom development to implement this feature. Please email us at developers@solvercircle.com for a quote.

error 404 on shopping cart. please help, I’m not a tech type

There was issue with your Jogoshop installation settings, so we set it up for you and all works fine now. Cheers :)

thanks so much it really helped you guys are awesome

Please rate us 5 Star to encourage our support team to help you more :)

Hello sorry but it won’t let me add variations .. examples would be like a drop down that a customer can choose between small,medium and large.

Please give us a gmail address where we can send more information regarding variation setup. Our email replies to you are bouncing back.

You can edit in dreamweaver? thanks for the help

sorry, your question is not clear.

Can you embed this into an existing site?

This is a plugin, so you can install this plugin with an existing wordpress site having the Jigoshop installed.

Can this plugin use in asp.net MVC. Thanks

this one works with Jigoshop ecommerce plugin only.

Is this mobile compatible? I mean Can I open on my iphone5S?. Also there problem with design Boundary around the placed image or Text, it is very thin not able to see it.

Please check this plugin for wordpress to Open at your iPhone : codecanyon.net/item/responsive-product-designer-for-woocommerce/11433688?ref=wpproducts

Hello, I find your plugin very interesting for my project of garlandable. But before buying, I would like to ask you a few questions: Your plugin is compatible with any kind of theme and latest version of woocommerce? Is it responsive design? How does the administrator receive the order (customized image) and then prepare the order? On my site I will sell the products with the classic product sheet and the products to customize. is it possible?

Thank you for your reply

For latest woocommerce you can try the following one :

Responsive Product Designer for WooCommerce


thank you very much

Dear Sir/Madam can I use this plugin for my online jewellery WP shop?

Hi Lana, The product images are completely within your control, so you can upload Jewelry images (Lockets ) instead of Tshirts and let the people design from the site front design panel with the existing features. Please check the Demo for current features. And if you need any additional features you can email us to developers@solvercircle.com to discuss.

Hi ,

I thinking to buy your plugin but i need some info… Is it possible customize with any language – Customer from Croatia use specific letters ( č,ć,š,đ,ž ) – is it possible to use it ?

I selling personalized gifts – is it possible to upload any product to be personalized by buyer ?

Can i use my own clipart specific for each product – not every clipart can be aplicated on every product – some of product will be laser engraved so it can not be color clipart , for other product it will be color printed and can use full color clipart – is it possible that ?

In which format i will got customer customisation ( pdf ? some vestor file ( *.dxf , converted in curve or … )?

On your demo site ( http://www.solvercircle.com/jigoshop-custom-t-shirt-designer/wp-content/plugins/jigoshop-custom-tshirt-designer/includes/tshirt-designer-design-template.php?type=jtd_sc_designer&jtd_id=17 ) i try move text on shirt but you can not move the text when you click the mouse on the text, rather than 20mm above ? is it bug in plugin or in demo site or it working on that way ?

replied to your email. Please check.